Tuesday, 22 August 2017



I am now, currently jobless which make me think that Allah actually want me to take some time on me and re-think of my life. Do some re-structure in life maybe. I started working when I was 24 and today I'm 30... some part in life which I wanted the most has successfully achieved but there still some which still a bit far from my grasp.
Fear not, I won't stopping.
For all that, alhamdulillah for the nikmat Ya Allah.

I worked in Airasia and become part of ground crew. Blood sweat tears as what the CEO often said, it's true. I worked so hard and pain my back...gain a lot, lost a lot but let's talk about the positivity.
Alhamdulillah for everything. The good, the bad, the unlucky, the lucky circumstances.
Every journey provide something called "wisdom and experience". I know I gained that InsyaAllah.

Some of my workmate. Ahhh the memory, the uniform.

So many things happen. I started from zero... and its all worth it. I miss them. Sometimes we argue, sometimes we cried together, sometimes we laugh sometimes we roll on the floor doing crazy jokes. 
Them!!! whom you called a friend.

Tough job didn't stop them from creating a smile...and making others smiling.

It's all treasure now...

Good luck friends.


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