Monday, 10 December 2018

Perks of beauty definition

Salam ♥

What is the definition of being pretty??
I noticed for Malaysian ( especially malays ) they indicates beauty as having fair skin, skinny body, perfect skin and hair and having celebrity condition.

I beg your pardon!?

Is that the true level of beautiful?
As we all know its a subjective but please don't say that having dark skin, pimples skin, chubby curvy or fat and messy hair or freckles all overthe face~~~is ugly? Come on people, do not stereotype that bad.

Tyra Bank is having darker skin but she is soooooo damn gorgeous. Same goes to Rihanna and many more. Name it!

People around the world are so sucked up to the fake beauty generalization on tv and media until they willing to do anything and so much as long as they can become 'pretty'.

Just like what Dr.Amalina and Dr. Rafidah always said, being pretty doesn't requires you to simply consume this and that suplement, pills and whatever injection as it will burden the kidney and slowly damage your heart and body system as well.

Long term effect, you could suffer and die for damaging yourself absentmindedly. Come on!!

Why would you put yourself in other people shaded. If they say you are pretty, will you become immediate rich!? If they say you are fat and ugly, will you eventually die?

No right?

So please stop doing that for the sake of people eye validation. The first step to become pretty is to love yourself. And next step is accept yourself and the rest will come follows.

Do not judge other girl for being fat, having dark skin or imperfect in many ways. You, yourself are not that perfect either. Human come with flaws and thats what makes human~~~HUMAN.

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Allah plan is always better

Salam ♥

Today, I was supposed to have my regular blood test checkup for my bsp diabetes ( while pregnancy a.k.a gdm ) and I arrived at the clinic quite early.

Its because last night my husband went to his company party so I slept over at my friend house to chit chat etc and he fetch me early in the morning before drop me to the clinic. It was too early but nevermind, I don't mind waiting.

Sadly and unlucky today ( Tuesday ) wasn't supposed to be a blood test day as the system have change from tue/thur to mon/wed. Hence the nurse apologized and ask if I can change to tomorrow and again, I don't mind and not even feel annoyed or mad. I seriously feel ok with that. Alhamdulillah.

Then , since I already fast and forbid myself from eat and drink since 10pm previous night, I was so hungry so I decided to go for breakfast in front clinic (lorry stall ) as their breakfast is sooooo yummy and I love it. Somehow I don't really have much money left in my wallet but put aside, I can used final emergency money Rm10 which I slit behind my phone case and just eat.

Oh for those who wondering where is my husband, he went back home and sleep so I drove alone. Haha.. nevermind. Plus he looked so tired.

Back to the breakfast story. Since all tables are occupy, I encourage myself to ask one couple to join them at their table as they have two empty spot left. They invited me to sit with them and we start chit chatting while eating.

Fast forward, so the husband is a general manager for a vendor company that handle MAS Cargo airlines and I told him that I am also have safety officer background (way of promoting myself to the stranger 😂)...and to my next surprise is he impress with my what I have and he interested in offering a job to me ( at least to try insyaAllah ) after I give birth and finish my confinement if I'm still interested in finding job.

I was so overwhelmed for having this chances because its quite tough to find a job and I tried so haed yet none seems to come my way. He said he have two empty spot and he can save one for me because its a backup staff spot. No matter what, I already feel so much grateful I don't know how to express it.

His wife also encourage me to try and they both really kind to me. 😢😢

Lastly, they even pay for my food and bid goodbye after gave me business card just in case for contact purpose. I was so touched.

Allah helped me.
What did I do to deserve this 😢
Its not yet a job but an opportunity for job is already consider as huge enough for me.
Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

Thank you Allah.

I don't know what kind of plan He write for me as I still have the part in me wanted to just do 'job at home' so I can watch over my babies but nevertheless, only Allah knows whats best for me.

I will ask Allah ♥

So guys, do pray for me in this matter as well as birthing part. Counting days and clock keep on ticking. Hope I can deliver my twins safely.

Alhamdulillah for everything ya Allah.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

My V1 family, my ambition

Salam ♥

As the day goes by, one by one my friend slowly entering the actual right track on becoming pilot.

I have a group ( we call it V1 clan/gang ) and we have like 7 members in that group including me but I was the only roses among torn. hahhaa.. awww 😘

Actually its more like I'm the mother of 6 naughty son. 😂

  • We used to be ( all of us ) lost in a space of chasing our dream but alhamdulillah after many years ( indeed many years I tell you ) , when the journey and unexplainable tiredness has taking its toll, slowly one by one are stepping into flying school. Glorious, alhamdulillah for them.

Yep, currently 3 over 7 are running towards it while the rest are cheering using pompom to them and still strugling for our place as well. Of course we will find our way too.. current cost is too expensive I doubt my kidney would cover all expenses 😂

As for me, I kinda have to laid back and slow down a bit as I'm in my final trimester of pregnancy but fear not, the fire in me still the same. Thanks to the boys. Each time one of us felt down, we encourage and get stronger again. It will be an absolute lie to say all of us are in positive and fiery ambition all the time. Sometimes, negative cold of winter almost put the fire in us down. Yep, thats human.

sexy vehicles

How did we know each other?... To be honest we came from different background, place and our age is different except me with Hafiz darat and Remy.  Faris is the youngest brother. Anuar and Hafiz laut is a bit younger than me. Dont ask my age 😂 you know woman hates two question ( age and weight.. lol )

credits : google for indiGo cadet pics

We came from background of airport authorities, ex airlines, fresh graduate and of course oil and gas. We've known each other by mutual etc. Like some for taking cadetship exam last 2012 for Airasia and some from Flylah forum ( I am Mir Mira, hello 🙌🙌🙌 ) to make it short, we all end up being friends a.k.a families by Allah plan. Some already married and some still singles. And why am I mentioning that 😅


Our goals are the same. To become a pilot. It was an ultimate goal and what set us bond to each other. We might not come from rich family or stable background hence our struggle is different. I know everyone have their own struggles.

The sky has no limits.

All the talk only based on aircraft and sky 😂😂😂

Alhamdulillah finally three of us almost make it through and true.  Faris and Aziz with Malaysia Airlines cadet, Anuar with private course at Sabah... it wasn't easy for them and its taking so much energy in them too... There is a time when I see them almost giving up but naaaah, how can they give up. The rest four of us wont allow that while we're also still fighting for the spot, the three of them never stop cheering. we have each other back and I know its Allah gift to have such companion.

congrats young one 👏

 A few month ago, when I received an email from unknown young man talking about his struggles to become a pilot until he ask if he should stop or not, I'd say, ask yourself if you want it badly enough.

We never know what Allah plan for us. Some have it easy some have it hard. Some earn it fast and some earn it a bit late but as long as the clock still ticking. Do not give up!

While doing whatever stuff you're doing now, keep in mind and heart that you are still running toward your dream. Even its late and seems so unsure, but your effort is clear and real .Keep it up!!!


Oh before I end this, for those who wonder what is V1,

Wish me luck.
Pray for me and the rest V1 and all aspiring pilot. ♥ We need loves 🙌

Monday, 6 August 2018

My 'everything' first time to Korea

Hello ladies and gentleman..

A very very good evening to all of you and assalamualaikum to those who are muslims.
How was your day today anyway?

While waiting for isya pray time, I lay down lazily like a polar bear on my bed and my mind reminisce Korea moment.

So much of my memory preoccupied on memory from my multiple Korea trip experience.

How i really missed korea.... Huuu

Husband pose so handsomely beneath windy chill sun

My latest trip is my honeymoon trip. It was quite different from other trip because going to a places with husband is not as havoc as the one with crazy headed bunch of friends.

Simply because honeymoon itself plays a different role in portraying vibe of the trip but for all that matter, both of us love the food so much and the scenic environment too.

Gazing toward the sky~ 

It was my husband first ever long haul trip and his first time also stepping his foot onto Kimchi land. How sweet.

There is a few hassle moment when his shoes protest ( lol ) so we had no choice but to go to Dongdaemun shoes area to buy him a pair of new shoes. Comfy yet affordable and he loves it.

Can he really contain his excitement 😂

The shoes are undeniably comfortable yet so stylish. He loves it so much....really loves it I guess. 

Perhaps whats make it more fun is he enjoyed the food as much as I did. Since we visited Seoul around March so its still end of winter. Hence, winter fruits are everywhere. 

One of my ultimate is of course Korea strawberry....heyyyy it was fantastically sweet and delicious. Unlike the one I taste in my country. Perhaps the weather and soil is good for sweet strawberry growth.

And  there is also one newly food I tried which I never tried during my previous trips. Its none other than fried tteok... I got to taste it at Tongin Market. And it was hella delicious even my husband loves it ( he did not like the taste of normal tteokbukki tho )

If I ever going back to Korea next time, we will definitely munch this food again whiwe joining dosirak cafe activities ( old coin exchange food activity ). Period! 

Yums...we took spicy and soy sauce coated.
Both super yums.

Look at that....!!!!!

Although we our trip was for seven days but we only felt super cold weather on the first three days and mostly because of chilly wind. The rest of the trip still cold but with sun so its just so-so.

How we wish the snow still falling. Heheh

So this is all for now.
Going to write more later.
Seee ya!


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Random Wednesday

Hello amigos...

Have you all watch Ant Man and Wasp?
I have not.....not yet. Ehehe.
I hearf it was super funny and got some tiny explanation on previous Avengers movie. Phew...lets wait til next week. My husband and I going to redeem his birthday coupon. Jyeahhhh


What to talk next?

Wait... I will write more later. Need to do some photo editing and such okay. See ya later loves.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

[ MOVIE ] Adiwiraku

Hi everyone ♥

Often in Malaysia, the types of movie which will break the box office chart and become very popular is the one that came from famous production / super big name actor and actress / gangster plot etc .

Its not easy to break the tempo with 'based on true' story movie or the one that came from small company with less sponsor for advertisement.

One of movie which I believe to be one of themost heartwarming and touching is 'Adiwiraku'.

Its a true story of one choral speaking team from small area in Kedah ( SMK Pinang Tunggal ). Teacher Cheryl who transfer to the school and face so much challenge to adapt with students behavior and of all sudden had to develop and trained a choral speaking team.

It was not easy!

I remembered watching this at cinema and cried in certain part. Even my husband that time had teary eyes. It was very sad and eye opener.

Although the movie had no much promotion, I am very glad that I choose to watch it. Its worth money and time.

It does reminisced myself to my highschool memories on joining choral speaking team. Ahaha.

I hope in the future,this kind of movie will rise again. Support local film ♥

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

First trimester

Hello everyone

Assalamualaikum to muslim reader and hello to all of you.
I've been meaning to write an entry about first trimester journey.  I'm still in the middle of it so naaahhh just let me spazz randomly.

Eversince I've detected myself pregnant and came to know that I was having a twin ( InsyaAllah ), I am so grateful and thankful. The journey nevertheless was tough and challenging.

I started having minor sickness ( vomit a lot on certai times ) but thankfully it was just super minor. But the painful experience that I face was my wholebody aching especially at pelvic area, miss v, backbone and uncomfortable on tummy part. Plus I frequently visit toilet to pee.

huh. tiring~

But still I can never stop feeling blessed and thankful. Its an experience and journey which will go away once I give birth. I've stories from my friends and their sickness are whole lot troublesome eventjough they have singleton pregnancy.

Seee....which favor from Allah which you deny?

Since I'm still stuck at first phase of trimester so it still to early to predict what happen next but one month I've been going back and forth to hospital and clinic due to high risk pregnancy ( twins always out in high risk ).

I adore these cutey Amira and Amina ♥

Guys... wish me luck and pray for me.
I need all the support as truthfully I'm nervous.

Hopefully I can find a job or do something to earn money for saving as I have none right now. 😇

Alhamdulillah ♥

See ya~

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Good news

Hi everyone...

Salam alayk to all muslims and hello to everyone ♥ 

Last month, I had received a good news. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah thank you to Allah the Almighty God. 

I was in the verge of breakdown era when so many things happen in my life plus roller coaster of emotion regardless everything. I applied so many job but none of it come back to me with response. Not accepting neither rejecting so it was saddening.

There is a point where I felt like I am such a loser born as a loser and live my life as a loser. What a hideous way to interpret our gracious life given by God. I forgot to be thankful. 

Instead of thinking on what i dont have, I should focus on what I already have. We're all human and every human have that time when they felt useless... All that matter is get back up! I repeat , get back up !!! 

And... When I was all in saddness period, Allah sent me good news. Not in form of job and money but two little angel in my womb. 

I am pregnant.
I am pregnant with twins.
Twins pregnancy.
Oh my god. 
Allah !!! 

I always want and love and admire twins since I was very young. Twin is special. 

I know I was late in menstrual but knowing myself its not shockinh but since its Ramadhan and fasting month I'm quite curious on counting my cycle as its a sign of no fasting ( lady specialty in islam woohoo ).... But then I realized the cycle didnt come at all. I checked my menstrual apps and noticed I was 13 days late. Still not suspicious but something inside me wanted to buy UPT so much so I asked my husband to follow me and buy it. We didn't really expect anything at all since there's already few times we thought baby is coming and suddenly menstrual happen so no more expectation ok. 

So after bought the UPT we went back home and sleep. I dont't know why I woke ip so early at 3am to test it. Usually for sahur time I woke up 4am above to prepare food. With a sleepy step I entered bathroom and check.

Not long after that I saw two lines. Two freaking line I rubbed my eyes continuously and shook my husband to wake him up. Haha...sorry. 

He with super sleepy face and voice was so dumbfounded and confuse but when he got it, he hugged me and went back to sleep. 

I am sooo surprised I don't feel like sleeping and prepare my husband sahur food...and wake him up again. 

We decided to go to clinik for confirmation checkup. I received a positive remark from nurses and need to come to clinic again to open pink book.

Fast forward after open my pink book, I wemt again to clinic for blood test and doctor scanning session. It was my third visit since the first one. 

When I entered the doctor room,I Noticed there was two female doctor. Mine was at the back seat so I sat down in front of her. Husband waited outside. After finished Jotted down some stuff, she asked me to call for husband so he can witness the scanning session. 

I called up for my husband and lay down on the bench, ready to scan. She applied that cold gel I  don't know the name and start putting the machine on me ( sorry, also don't know the name. She raised her eyebrows all of sudden.

"Eh....its a twin"

I am so speechless but refuse to believe it eventhough she kept moving those thing on my tummy. She showed the two different sac to my husband as well...

When she saw me still not accepting the fact, she called for other doctor to confirm and the other doctor also said the same thing.

"Its a"

And tadaaaaaaa....I saw one of my twin moving so cutely. Awwwww. 

Of course still shocked but slowly accepting the news...and today I am waiting for my fourth checkup with specialist. 

Since I carried twins so extra appointment are inevitable. 

Please pray for me my friends...
Kind of worried... 
Nevertheless, its a rezq from Allah. 
May Allah gave me strength to face upcoming days. 

Its a sudden change to my body...continuously aching and once in a while vomitting and don't have appetite to eat... Whewwww what a start. 

Again... Wish me luck and I hope your day is great ♥

Some says pregnant woman should look for cute babies picyure over and over again so here I am... Awwwww those cheeky smile. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

I shall resume my writing !

Morning peeps..

So I have recently received a super touchy and inspiring email and it made me revive.

Yesssss I shall resume my writing project. next entries I might as well write about pilot journey so get ready.

For the time being... if you have any enquiries do email me.
I am not yet a pilot but my spirit and ambition has brought me this far.


Lets fight for our dream. Whatever it is.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Carbonara ♥

Salam alayk♥

Lately I crave for carbonara so so so so much...nyummmm. Dunno why it feels like sudden craving but naaah my tummy always have that crave. lol

I wonder when I got pregnant what kind of act I will Poor husband.

The pictures included above is the carbonara I did back then ( last year Ramadhan ) and I remember putting an egg as well to thicken the gravy.

It was so yummmyyy....and I ate with malay style which is adding sambal cili kicap ( the one for bihoon soup ) and it was very yummy.

How to say muak in english?

But adding sambal kicap is making the journey of eating become less muak. know sometimes carbonara with taste of milk, cream and mushroom can be a bit muak.

How to say muak? aihhhh...

So....what type of spagethi you guys like to eat?