Thursday, 5 October 2017

Some korean word and slang pt.2

Hi everyone. Hello ;)

This is second part of my entry for basic korean word and slang. I just thought of sharing.

So let's continue.

Jeongmal ( 정말 )
= Is it true?
Usually it is use in a quite formal or semi formal sentences. Adding 'yo' making it sound even more polite. Jeongmalyo?

Jinjja ( 진짜 )
= Really? Seriously?
This one often be heard inside kdrama and among teenager. They will said this with exaggerrate expression and it looks xue. Jinjja? Jinjja.... ah jinjja.  I myself always said this.

Neomu ( 너무 )
= Very ...
Sometimes people said this and sometimes using jinjja. Even Kpop group I.O.I sang a song called 'very very very' / neomu neomu neomu.  Basic word and often used in every sentence.

mianhae ( 미안해 )
= Sorry.

Jigeum ( 지금 )
= Now.
Ahaaaaa....I remember myself munble this word over and over again everytime my friend ask me if we need to go anywhere, do anything at that time. Jigeum? Jigeumyo.

Naeil ( 내일 )
= Tomorrow.

Uri ( 우리 )
= We .

Dasi ( 다시 )
= Again.
If you love to listen to Kpop song, you will be familiar with this. Dasi... Dasi hanbeon.

Ppalli ( 빨리 )
= Hurry up!
Ahaa... Ppalli ppalli...shout this while running when a dog chase you but make sure you are at the front.

Kajima ( 가지마 )
= Now scream this to the one who run faster leaving you behind when a dog chase you ( refer upper sentence )

Jangnan aniya ( 장난 아니야 )
= Don't joke around! Now return the scream by saying this. Lol. Now I'm starting to make this turn out into sentence. Ahahaha.

Okay this will be second part and short one. Sorrryy....I try to do longer and more in third part later on.