Saturday, 4 November 2017

The story about me

Salam alayk to muslim who can answer this salam and hallo to everyone.

I know I haven't really introduce myself properly so here I am, ready to ramble mumble with introductory post. Ahah.

My name is Mira... Or Mokomira is my online name. Also know as Mir Mira but the basis is, its Mira  😂 .... I have a real long name so let's just go for Mira as it was also part of my name as stated on my identity card.

Yepp... malaysian of course so once in a while you will see my broken english mix up with 'rojak' slang and add on word such as lah, kan etc etc. 👩

I was born many many years ago and no longer in teenage era ( oh sad... ) But inside my heart I'm still a teenager. Lols. Having a not so memorable teenager doesn't make me want to stay at that era for long but who doesn't like being young stay young , immortality.

Let's skip my childhood era so I am a lady with huge ambition. Since I was young I always wanted to become a pilot, working in the sky rather than stay on the ground. Yes when I was a little child its an astranout that will be my number one choice but ever since I have clear vision, I toned it down a bit from outer space to just the sky. Still not on the ground 😌

It has then... Never chance until now. I want to become a pilot.

Some people journey are meant to be easy...
Some might facing hurdles. But thats life. Every single human will have a different journey. It's all Allah's job.

I was once worked with airlines, entering the right path of becoming a pilot. Trying many times the exams, failed many times...sometimes even had to endure the pain of unfair event. But I trust Allah plan so its fine.

When I am now no longer become part of airlines staff, there has been several friends said to me, how about your pilot journey?
My answer is... My ambition is to become a pilot, not to join that particular airlines company. I can still become a pilot with other airlines. Who knows it might be better.

Currently, the road has been reshuffle. I was lost in an outer space again. Fear not, nevermind. I still keep holding on to my own inner strength.

Give up? Nope.
Not ever going to give up . Do not worry.

I'm a fighter.
A pilot fighter 💃

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