Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Yeah yeah yeah....
Lose weight. Woman and their obsession to lose weight.
There is plenty of reason on to lose weight but despite all that,
let's make "HEALTH" to become number one priority.
How's that sound?

Okay I am in the middle of lose weight journey and having some sort
of big down self esteem but let me share my current weight now.

Weight : 82kg 
Height : 152cm

Scares the shit out of me hell yeah. I need to lose freakin 30kg at least.
Guys wish me luck.
For the start I seriously want to shout how much I love Keaira LaShae.
She got some positive attitude which me lovin it.

Check this.

Being a mom, she's one hella faiyahhhhhh 

I adores her.
Okay I know action speaks louder than word so lemme take my action and spread the result 
once its done or whilst in progress.
Do not expect to be super smoothly cuz from what I heard, it's always a bumpy road to
look skinny and healthy.

Love ya~


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Tough time will pass

Tough time.

Hard time.

Name it. It's a process which every single human being will feel and experience. Storms occur but rainbow will come afterward bringing such a beautiful weather.

Tell me how many times in life you seem to get stuck to your own tough time?
What do you do about it?
How do you overcome it?

No matter what people, embrace the time be it happiness or sadness. Life is a rolle coaster and clear sky won't forever bright and dull sky with rain will eventually stop at some point.

Embrace it!
That's life.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017



There is always first for everything right?
So here is my first post ever for this blog.
I'm just gonna blogging about random thing etc and such.
Doing some sort of review etc.
Writing is my passion and I know I will love this process.

Hey everyone!

It's Mira here.

Check it out.