Sunday, 10 September 2017

KOREA TRIP #1: My first ever solo trip ~part one~

First ever solo trip of mine!

It's a valuable lesson. journey and experience. I thank Allah for all the blessing and chances.
It started with a simple yet hopeful mindset.


Alhamdulillah I made it.

It does seems impossible to grab and experience this moment if I sat down sitting and imagining stuff 10 years ago but I never thought within 5 years after that , I'm actually stepping my foot onto that country.

It was a full blessing from Allah to me. I am just a normal people with low salary income permonth,w orking in ground oepration department ( in airlines that time) and thank God I can get a cheap ticket because I'm a staff but to visit Korea requires money. Plus it was my first time ever so you can expect being so lil lillo confuse here and there. Every single day I read and keep reading about Korea Trip made  by various blog. Collectiong all data , information and such. I am super duper determined!

Finally the day come and shewwwwwwwwwwwww I am so excited because its a winter season. So cold, so much coldness it definitely hitting my sense. The winter, the windy air, the humid yet super cold surrounding. Fuhhhhhhh. Even there is snow falling from the sky but the remainder snow on the road was enough to satisfy my eager joyness. It's not easy to satisfy me *lol*. Coming from Tropical country, witnessing a snow is so entertaining. I saw tons of snow even from Incheon Airport duing landing. Blessing!

I think I am the only person who couldn't sleep during 6 hours long night flight because my heart is so pumping with joy. Eyes wide open even during the cabin flight turn off and my feeling mixed up with so many emotion. Everytime the cabin crew walked to sell their product, I smiled so wide, so big.

Now that I re-think and reminisced back the memory, it does seemed silly. Hahaha.,😜😜

No need for pretty picture if the imperfect shaking pictures 
can defined my super excitedness. lmao

I took Airasia flight. Thank God we have Airasia and blessed to be able to visit Korea with  low budget but since you're taking a low cost flight, do not expect a full premium comfortableness. Alright?

I was giggling, smiling like an idiot this time okay.💆

Seriously guys, if you ever feel like travelling or have some dream destination in your head. Plan it!!!! put a mindset and picture the desire in your head!!!! and try your very best to execute it. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind, body and heart into it. God will not despise your effort. Sometimes you get it late but eventually you'll get there. 

Since this is my first ever part for this trip and please aware that I will post whatever I have in mind etc. This trip happened 5 years ago so please expect that some of the info might be missing etc. If you have any questions, curiosity or even wanted to say hi, just drop me a comment. 

I just cut the entry short because I want to post more and more and more. 

Hey ! Love you.  Thanks for reading this.


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