Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Good morning.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone...
How are you guys doing. For those who read this, thank you for visiting my blog and read. 

I love you...

I am now currently at my bestfriend house. She and I used to go to same school and became a classmate. We even had been sitting side by side and do so many naughty and troublesome stuff. lol

Jojoe... she is one amazing lady. Currently she was doing her business in henna doodle art. Its amazing I tell you. ..

Jojoe used to work as engineer, study until higher level but there was one time when she thought it wasn't what she loves to do particularly. 

Things happened and fast forward, she is now having her own small business, open a booth, have thounsands of followers through her facebook. 

Jojor and her baby cranky act.

Jojoe is an example of walking past a heavy storm won't kill you. Her passion in art is wow..... she loves to draw and now she did what she loves. Even earn money from it. What an example. 

Good thing is ... Jojoe never stop learning. She grow and keep growing. 

All the best to you buddy. I will always support you just like how you support me. Don't worry I will ramble a lot about your product and service.


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