Monday, 11 September 2017

KOREA TRIP #2 : Part two of excitement

Hey ya~~~~

Let's continue with another excitement. A sole continuation of excitement. It can never gets boring.
While I plan to write this, I spend many hours looking at the pictures folder and giggle still.
I am insane. LMAO

This sign will lead you to airport transit train toward the terminal. Just follow this...or 
follow other passenger. Don't worry much 💃

As soon as I step out from the aircraft, since I was all alone and very confused, I decided to follow the other passenger. Hence that's what I'm doing. Following them wherever they take me. lol... it led me to this signboard (?) and of course I took a snap of it. Don't worry Incheon Airport got so many sign so you won't be lost. Even if you do, just ask around. Don't be scared.

With my cheapskate camera and excitement... I took this photo while walking 
(so that I won't missed the other passenger I followed )💋

Incheon International airport is huge. You might wander here and there but just enjoy. If you ever lost or confused, do enjoy. Hahaha... because you still at the airport so why panic? . I love the scenery offered by this airport. So high tech yet tons of flower and decoration.

seeeee!!! it's gorgeous.

I kept walking, took the train toward the terminal. Settle passport and bammmmm.... waiting for the luggage. Whilst I was there, my eyes kept lurking arouund. So many idol, celebrities poster promoting various product. They become ambassadors and such.

The first thing I did when I finish all those ( before I leave the airport ), I sat down and relax and regain my composure. Nervous? Yeppp...who says not. It was my first and I was all alone in a country far from my own hometown, away from family. I am scared and worry too and its normal. I tried to open the airport wifi .

If you refer below picture. Yep the first three item. Banana utu, vitamin c drinks and T-money.

Banana uyu - To surpress my hunger and as a light breakfast. ( Also because I am so excited to finally able to taste this. Lol )

Vitamin C drink - Because its cold and I kinda have a minor flu and to avoid myself from having fever which will definitely ruined me...I drink it. Yummy. Also, I often saw this kind of healthy drink in kdrama. Yeahh call that as influenced. )

T-money - The most important thing ever....apart from your credit card and cash and passport. Lol. This card is important if you are backpacker or traveller like me who planned to use their public transport. You can even pay foods and drinks at any 7eleven, Gs25 or any 24-hours convenient store. What a way to make super convenient card.

So.... Till we me meet again. I dont want to make this post become extraordinary longer. I rather cut it a bit abd post plenty. Guys, if you have any questions or curiosity, do not hesitate to ask. I can reply even if you speak in Indonesian language, malay language, english.

This is the first three things I bought.

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