Thursday, 12 July 2018

[ MOVIE ] Adiwiraku

Hi everyone ♥

Often in Malaysia, the types of movie which will break the box office chart and become very popular is the one that came from famous production / super big name actor and actress / gangster plot etc .

Its not easy to break the tempo with 'based on true' story movie or the one that came from small company with less sponsor for advertisement.

One of movie which I believe to be one of themost heartwarming and touching is 'Adiwiraku'.

Its a true story of one choral speaking team from small area in Kedah ( SMK Pinang Tunggal ). Teacher Cheryl who transfer to the school and face so much challenge to adapt with students behavior and of all sudden had to develop and trained a choral speaking team.

It was not easy!

I remembered watching this at cinema and cried in certain part. Even my husband that time had teary eyes. It was very sad and eye opener.

Although the movie had no much promotion, I am very glad that I choose to watch it. Its worth money and time.

It does reminisced myself to my highschool memories on joining choral speaking team. Ahaha.

I hope in the future,this kind of movie will rise again. Support local film ♥

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

First trimester

Hello everyone

Assalamualaikum to muslim reader and hello to all of you.
I've been meaning to write an entry about first trimester journey.  I'm still in the middle of it so naaahhh just let me spazz randomly.

Eversince I've detected myself pregnant and came to know that I was having a twin ( InsyaAllah ), I am so grateful and thankful. The journey nevertheless was tough and challenging.

I started having minor sickness ( vomit a lot on certai times ) but thankfully it was just super minor. But the painful experience that I face was my wholebody aching especially at pelvic area, miss v, backbone and uncomfortable on tummy part. Plus I frequently visit toilet to pee.

huh. tiring~

But still I can never stop feeling blessed and thankful. Its an experience and journey which will go away once I give birth. I've stories from my friends and their sickness are whole lot troublesome eventjough they have singleton pregnancy.

Seee....which favor from Allah which you deny?

Since I'm still stuck at first phase of trimester so it still to early to predict what happen next but one month I've been going back and forth to hospital and clinic due to high risk pregnancy ( twins always out in high risk ).

I adore these cutey Amira and Amina ♥

Guys... wish me luck and pray for me.
I need all the support as truthfully I'm nervous.

Hopefully I can find a job or do something to earn money for saving as I have none right now. 😇

Alhamdulillah ♥

See ya~

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Good news

Hi everyone...

Salam alayk to all muslims and hello to everyone ♥ 

Last month, I had received a good news. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah thank you to Allah the Almighty God. 

I was in the verge of breakdown era when so many things happen in my life plus roller coaster of emotion regardless everything. I applied so many job but none of it come back to me with response. Not accepting neither rejecting so it was saddening.

There is a point where I felt like I am such a loser born as a loser and live my life as a loser. What a hideous way to interpret our gracious life given by God. I forgot to be thankful. 

Instead of thinking on what i dont have, I should focus on what I already have. We're all human and every human have that time when they felt useless... All that matter is get back up! I repeat , get back up !!! 

And... When I was all in saddness period, Allah sent me good news. Not in form of job and money but two little angel in my womb. 

I am pregnant.
I am pregnant with twins.
Twins pregnancy.
Oh my god. 
Allah !!! 

I always want and love and admire twins since I was very young. Twin is special. 

I know I was late in menstrual but knowing myself its not shockinh but since its Ramadhan and fasting month I'm quite curious on counting my cycle as its a sign of no fasting ( lady specialty in islam woohoo ).... But then I realized the cycle didnt come at all. I checked my menstrual apps and noticed I was 13 days late. Still not suspicious but something inside me wanted to buy UPT so much so I asked my husband to follow me and buy it. We didn't really expect anything at all since there's already few times we thought baby is coming and suddenly menstrual happen so no more expectation ok. 

So after bought the UPT we went back home and sleep. I dont't know why I woke ip so early at 3am to test it. Usually for sahur time I woke up 4am above to prepare food. With a sleepy step I entered bathroom and check.

Not long after that I saw two lines. Two freaking line I rubbed my eyes continuously and shook my husband to wake him up. Haha...sorry. 

He with super sleepy face and voice was so dumbfounded and confuse but when he got it, he hugged me and went back to sleep. 

I am sooo surprised I don't feel like sleeping and prepare my husband sahur food...and wake him up again. 

We decided to go to clinik for confirmation checkup. I received a positive remark from nurses and need to come to clinic again to open pink book.

Fast forward after open my pink book, I wemt again to clinic for blood test and doctor scanning session. It was my third visit since the first one. 

When I entered the doctor room,I Noticed there was two female doctor. Mine was at the back seat so I sat down in front of her. Husband waited outside. After finished Jotted down some stuff, she asked me to call for husband so he can witness the scanning session. 

I called up for my husband and lay down on the bench, ready to scan. She applied that cold gel I  don't know the name and start putting the machine on me ( sorry, also don't know the name. She raised her eyebrows all of sudden.

"Eh....its a twin"

I am so speechless but refuse to believe it eventhough she kept moving those thing on my tummy. She showed the two different sac to my husband as well...

When she saw me still not accepting the fact, she called for other doctor to confirm and the other doctor also said the same thing.

"Its a"

And tadaaaaaaa....I saw one of my twin moving so cutely. Awwwww. 

Of course still shocked but slowly accepting the news...and today I am waiting for my fourth checkup with specialist. 

Since I carried twins so extra appointment are inevitable. 

Please pray for me my friends...
Kind of worried... 
Nevertheless, its a rezq from Allah. 
May Allah gave me strength to face upcoming days. 

Its a sudden change to my body...continuously aching and once in a while vomitting and don't have appetite to eat... Whewwww what a start. 

Again... Wish me luck and I hope your day is great ♥

Some says pregnant woman should look for cute babies picyure over and over again so here I am... Awwwww those cheeky smile. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

I shall resume my writing !

Morning peeps..

So I have recently received a super touchy and inspiring email and it made me revive.

Yesssss I shall resume my writing project. next entries I might as well write about pilot journey so get ready.

For the time being... if you have any enquiries do email me.
I am not yet a pilot but my spirit and ambition has brought me this far.


Lets fight for our dream. Whatever it is.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Carbonara ♥

Salam alayk♥

Lately I crave for carbonara so so so so much...nyummmm. Dunno why it feels like sudden craving but naaah my tummy always have that crave. lol

I wonder when I got pregnant what kind of act I will Poor husband.

The pictures included above is the carbonara I did back then ( last year Ramadhan ) and I remember putting an egg as well to thicken the gravy.

It was so yummmyyy....and I ate with malay style which is adding sambal cili kicap ( the one for bihoon soup ) and it was very yummy.

How to say muak in english?

But adding sambal kicap is making the journey of eating become less muak. know sometimes carbonara with taste of milk, cream and mushroom can be a bit muak.

How to say muak? aihhhh...

So....what type of spagethi you guys like to eat?


Monday, 7 May 2018

General Election 14

Twinkle twinkle little tuesday ...

Oh allah, please make Malaysia a better place ♥

How are you doing peeps??
It was a day before Malaysian important general election tomorrow.

I can tell that flag war, poster war are everywhere.It has began. In every social media, most people talk about it. Some put their word nicely whilst other did curse and play bad word. Hmm...freedom of speech?

The election was held every 5 years to change leaders of Malaysia and government line. I am so interested to know other country election process and progress as well as the internal chaos ( in a good way ) but I seldom get the picture of it. Hnm...anyone care to share?

I won't be speaking much regarding leaders etc but I just pray and hope that unity of Malaysian will restored regardlessrace and religion. Malay Chinese Indian peribumi everyone lah, stay as one!

How to be a good leader?
Most of the time we saw leader as superior as they portray themselves that way. They are many types of leader in this world but the best role example of leader is our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Be a good leader towards people. Put their charity, needs and priority on them. Take a note of everyone problem and issue and help to solve it. I mean, if there is a poor people issue, do take some action. If there is injustice act,do correct it. A good leader is the one that his mind are thinking of his people more than himself. After all, not everyone can serve people right.

Read more on how Prophet Muhammad S.A.W did as a leaders of muslim peoplein Madinah back then.

I know its not easy nor closer to perfection but at least,be fair. Its an amanah so protect it.

Happy voting to all voters ♥


Saturday, 5 May 2018

Mcdonald Nasi Lemak Burger

Recently I have been seeing so many ads and commercial about this newly famous Mcdonald burger. It's a hype since Malaysian number one food ( I strongly believe this ) is nasi lemak indeed.

To readers who are not Malaysian and wonder what is that thing...tadaaa !!


A rice cooked with coconut milk and eat with spicy sambal anchovy and mixed with some side dish such as boiled eggs, cucumber, cripsy fried anchovies and fried ground nuts. Its the basic touch but I love to have another side diah which is fried chicken or rendang ( not ).

And due to commercial ads, I am so thankful to Allah to His rezq as I finally manage to munch the newly craze burger yesterday. Thank you Kak for the treat. A rezq to me through you. Alhamdulillah again. 

I can say that I won't be repeating tha again and double cheese burger still my ultimate and unbeatable favorite from Mcd. 

The crispy chicken fillet, I never thought it will taste like ayam rempah. I thought it will have that similar fillet as spicy chicken mcdeluxe kinda burger. However the sambal is nice and delicious. Not spicy at all and it remind me a hostel food type of sambal. Layered with fried eggs and cucumber as well, once you munch it, it does seriously taste like nasi lemak even without that rice. 


Well done RnD team because you guys succeed. Its just that the taste doesn't suit my liking.

But.... if I got the offer to eat this again for free, why not ;) 

Are we choosing the right one?

Sometimes we thought that marriage is a pathway and door to happiness. We ought to seek happiness within marriage however the bell doesn't ring the same way and same sound to everybody.

We never know.
We will never found out if the person infront of our eyes is the best one.

Some people are destined to have a suffer marriage and bad husband whilst some are lucky enough to have a good husband and wonderful marrital life.

Who on earth want to have a bad husband? Horrible life? Awful marriage?

Every woman desires is to have a fairytale-ish happiness life in marriage with good husband, sweet loving and caring.

Sad reality.

I don't know the statistic but I do know that there is quite number of marriage life encounter a suffers life. If you are Malaysian, you can seek a facebook group called KRT and read tons of published stories shared by sad wife/husband ( mostly wife ). And I believe there is so much more stories which are mot published by admins due to several reasons.

The question is...

How would you know if the husband/wife you choose is a good one?

If you are muslims then all you can do is istikharah and ask for Allah wisdom and opinion as He is the onethat hold the key to our destiny. We are human so we should rely on Him.

After that, make sure you alert with your spouse behavior. It is okay to do some investigation over his life through his friend and such as you willgive your life to him/her after this. Make that effort but don't go overboard.

If it happens that you found some damage point. Ask yourself! Do you think you can cope with that?

I give an example. Pornography.

Let me share you a story of a woman who met her fiance and found out he was addicted to pornography and sexy woman pictures. She had a word with him and he said it was his past and unfollow all stuff.

Until oneday, after many month since they got married, she found out that her husband is still doing that. He created different account to deceived her and little that he knows, Allah never hide the truth.Its just a matter of time. She also found out many other related to his fetish and addiction and yes, she did felt super disappointed and remorsed.

This is a good example how and why you should really do some background check on your future spouse. Its scary when its too late.

BUT !!!!

Don't blame the destiny,never blame yourself. Sometimes, no matter how you check you still found zero. There must be a serious reason why Allah hides the flaw and weakness as well as shitty attitude of that person.

Its a test! Its merely a test for you in dunya.

Embrace it. Whatever sadness filled your heart,talk to Almighty. Ask for his forgiveneas, ask for Him a strength, ask a pathway and road.

Talk to Allah and He never stop listen.

Marriage, bad or good, its written already. Its how you cope with that. If its better yo stay, then stay.If not, you know what to do. If you found his stupid action and fetish and felt that it was unbearable to handle, you need to ask yourself multiple times. Don't put love over life. For all that matter, Allah shall be priority. It must be that way.

Ask Allah, is it good to marry this person!?

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Do you have to be rich to travel?

Do we really have to be so damn rich to actually go travel?

That's a question pouring my mind all over these week as I notice the trend of my malaysian fella go travel has increase.

Someone told me if we go to Melbourne, Australia it will make you feel very Malaysian-ish due to many malaysian visiting there for multiple reasons.

Same goes to Korea, Seoul.
I myself saw many travelers from Malaysia and Indonesia whenever I flew there. Especially when I visited Namdaemun Market. The numbers of Malaysian/Indonesian tourist is so high until you can close your eyes and listen to many speaking bahasa all around you. Some seller also know basic bahasa. Cute huh?

In my opinion... you don't have to be so damn rich or have tons of money in order to travel. Choose travel with less budget. Backpacking style is one of famous way. Its your trip so do plan and some research. Go study the place you want to visit.

Preparation can definitely save you cost.  Look at amount of money you have and decide. Its not that you MUST step your foot on Europe country in order to travel. You can start by visit near place. District next to you?

To Malaysian, you can explore many place in Malaysia. Make a main purpose to travel and go. Don't think too much.

What I mean by preparation is mentally amd physically but I myself just do some basic preparation while the rest are follow the flow. Its more fun!

Even Rasulullah told us Muslims to travel and learn. So go travel and learn something within the journey.

Open your eyes and see the beauty of Allah creation.



Dear Nina convocation


How are you guys doing?
I am currently lying down after eating lunch and today I cooked ayam masak merah or english jow to call chicken in red sauce?

Last week marked a convocation for my dear sister at Uitm Shah Alam.

She finished her diploma in physiotherapy field and currently further her study in the same field for degree level.

To Nina...all the best. I know you can do it. I'm sending you sisterhood vibe. lol

I guess time changes... when I had my own graduation, there's not much of photoshoot and beautiful outdoor. But student nowadays... phew.