Tuesday, 12 December 2017

End of 2017

2017 ending.

I've come to pick up some wise words which can be related to whatever happens in my life.
2017 is a long journey. Super duper long journey to begin with.
So many changes in life. So many hurdles to come pass.
So much to do with so little time.

~So everyone has ups and downs in their life right? So do I..

~I'm sure flaws is what makes human as human.

~Not all friends is actually a 'friend'

~People tend to believe what they want to believe

~It's hard to control everything

~Do not put your hope too high and expectation to big on 'human being'

~Never stop loving yourself

~Cherish every moment before its gone

~Sometimes, the one that is close to you is your lovely seoulmate, who knows?

~Words kills better than gun

~Do not spread false rumor just to make sure you look great and good

~Just because you're so senior in some places, doesn't mean you are always right

~Backstabbers are everywhere

~You only have yourself

~Modern family is a good stress reliever ( lol )

~2017 is a year when so many good looking people get married ( including me hahahah kfine )

~Positive need maintenance

~Cry if you feel sad


Singgang ikan the comfort food

Hey hey hey~

How is your day today. Haven't really write anything here for quite some times huh.
I missed writing in mokomira's blog. I kinda spend a bit more time in my malay language blog which is Mir Mira.... sorry for that.

So my topic this time is...


Okay everyone has their own comfort food. What is comfort food? It depends on how you define it. My comfort food is the one that can triggered my sense of food and make me forget about diet. LOL.... Although food always make me forget about diet in general .. XD


Singgang ikan is my types of comfort food. Like just cook plain white rice and eat it with singgang and some budu with lime. Just that, wallahhhhI forgot the diet thingee already. Dangerous comfort food I guess.

I remember back then when I was in Doha. In my friend house, she cooked singgang and I was like not having quite a desire to eat anything since my upcoming wedding are getting closer ( that time ) and yet she cooked it.

Not just singgang but with superlicious yummy budu with lime. Simple budu chopped onion and pressed some lime juice and wallahi delicious food ever! Just that and I eat over and over again ...sigh.

What a diet again.

Singgang ikan is famous dish from Pantai Timur area but I believe not only pantai timur people in Malaysia loves it. Am I right?

You can really make singgang from ikan tongkol, ikan kembung or even squid. Its yummy....and healthy even confinement period mother will choose singgang as their 'pantang food'.

So how about you? What is your comfort food?