Tuesday, 12 December 2017

End of 2017

2017 ending.

I've come to pick up some wise words which can be related to whatever happens in my life.
2017 is a long journey. Super duper long journey to begin with.
So many changes in life. So many hurdles to come pass.
So much to do with so little time.

~So everyone has ups and downs in their life right? So do I..

~I'm sure flaws is what makes human as human.

~Not all friends is actually a 'friend'

~People tend to believe what they want to believe

~It's hard to control everything

~Do not put your hope too high and expectation to big on 'human being'

~Never stop loving yourself

~Cherish every moment before its gone

~Sometimes, the one that is close to you is your lovely seoulmate, who knows?

~Words kills better than gun

~Do not spread false rumor just to make sure you look great and good

~Just because you're so senior in some places, doesn't mean you are always right

~Backstabbers are everywhere

~You only have yourself

~Modern family is a good stress reliever ( lol )

~2017 is a year when so many good looking people get married ( including me hahahah kfine )

~Positive need maintenance

~Cry if you feel sad


Singgang ikan the comfort food

Hey hey hey~

How is your day today. Haven't really write anything here for quite some times huh.
I missed writing in mokomira's blog. I kinda spend a bit more time in my malay language blog which is Mir Mira.... sorry for that.

So my topic this time is...


Okay everyone has their own comfort food. What is comfort food? It depends on how you define it. My comfort food is the one that can triggered my sense of food and make me forget about diet. LOL.... Although food always make me forget about diet in general .. XD


Singgang ikan is my types of comfort food. Like just cook plain white rice and eat it with singgang and some budu with lime. Just that, wallahhhhI forgot the diet thingee already. Dangerous comfort food I guess.

I remember back then when I was in Doha. In my friend house, she cooked singgang and I was like not having quite a desire to eat anything since my upcoming wedding are getting closer ( that time ) and yet she cooked it.

Not just singgang but with superlicious yummy budu with lime. Simple budu chopped onion and pressed some lime juice and wallahi delicious food ever! Just that and I eat over and over again ...sigh.

What a diet again.

Singgang ikan is famous dish from Pantai Timur area but I believe not only pantai timur people in Malaysia loves it. Am I right?

You can really make singgang from ikan tongkol, ikan kembung or even squid. Its yummy....and healthy even confinement period mother will choose singgang as their 'pantang food'.

So how about you? What is your comfort food?

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

It's all about Korea and snow

Annyeong people...

Hello hello hello.
Yesterday marked Seoul very first snow for this year. Cheotnun ( 첫눈 ). Some of my friend who were in Korea right Now, I envy you! Kak Lely, Wenie, Amanda... I envy you. Hukkk~

The beauty of snow is enchanting, exciting and intriguing

Just a throwback picture of Prof Zila

I remember the moment when I touched the falling snow from the sky. Oh my its wonderful. I seriously thought it was some sort of dust or something flying across the air. Until my friend Prof Zila scream snow! snow! And we were at Namdaemun Market that morning. What a heavenly moment to be remembered.

We're both so excited we ignored the rest of local people looking and judging but most of them just decided to ignore Zila and I. How funny.

She never stop posing... πŸ˜‚

We were screaming and jumping I even want to rolling on the floor but no worries I didn't even do it.

It was my first snowfall experience ever although yesterday I already went to Yongpyong Ski Resort and experienced so much snow. However it wasn't the one falling from the sky. But still, its thicker and cold because we went todragon peak using cable car and it was like freakin up high and even colder with the wind are even greater. I remember we're struggling and shaking our hand like crazy and so many pictures are failed to be taken due to excessive shake.

But still, its exciting. The view of Dragon Peak is beyond priceless. Moreover both of us went there when Goblin was still hot and newly aired. Such a perfect timing and guess what even Gongyoo poster was there. Awww...

Not much of a tourist this time in this area but plenty of guys and girls who playing the snow boarding and ski at the other side of this area.



From morning until late evening the snow kept coming and kept falling beautifully and in some area it turned out a bit heavy. Ahhhhh I am super duper excited and even giggling now while typing this entry. That's how big my ♥ toward snow. Lol

Even car covered with snow view making me go crazy...lol

I screamed seleji seleji like crazy maniac and my friend almost give up for super cold weather. Our finger froze and we barely even felt our hand. That's the coolest thing being in cold weather. Ahaha...and I love cold weather.

Ahhh the memory.
Ahhh how I missed it.
The smell of snow...
The beauty of snow...
The cold air due to snow...
The dangerous but still exciting black ice also because of snow...
The moment when it falls softly like a cute little flakes...aww

μΆ”μ›Œ 날씨 λ„ˆλ¬΄ μ’‹λ‹€ ♥

I missed Korea.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Trolls the movies

Hey... happy thursday

How are you guys anyway?Feeling good?
The channel.on y TV now are showing famous animation called Trolls.

Such a cute movie.

Its a movie about Bergens clan who eat the trolls clan in order to be happy. Like come on, the evil bergens witch are hinting tp their people by eating trolls they wi be happy everlasting. Such an excuses.

That's why trolls are always in a great danger when it comes to Bergens. They will eaten so they need to run. Only one bergens is nice. Okay if you haven't watch it you can do so....its worth it. I promise.

I so love Bridget character she is soooooo adorable. She was that nice bergens. Bridget kinda shows that good looks doesn't always good thing. Even if you are ugly, with kind heart you will be prettier than those already pretty face girls out there. Yeah... I put the word funnily.

At first when this movie aired and premiered at Cinema, I was very skeptical. Even tough I know back then when I was still so young, this was one of the most famous cartoon..The influence are big in Malaysia. As big as The Simpson.

Okay back to the point.

I first  watching this when Kak Nisa open this for Nukman. I was blatantly ignored and slowly diverting my eyes onto the screen and bam.... the sound of Poppy singing captured my ears.

No wonder. It was Anna Kendrix everybody. Who doesn't love Anna voice. It was soothing, very calming to my ear and I am fan of her voice ever since I saw her in Pitch Perfect.

Oh talking about Pitch Perfect. The third movies will be airing next month I am super excited. How can I not excited when this is my cup of tea types of movie. My jammed.

Lol see how I divert from talking about animation movie to hick flick movie but all is about Anna Kendrix.

Poppy.....she does have that Anna vibes.

Anna Kendrick... I love her.

The ost for Trolls are so good I am going to look forward on it. I kinda jammed to Justin Timberlake song after watching the movies. lol

So guys... thanks for reading. See ya ♥


Saturday, 4 November 2017

The story about me

Salam alayk to muslim who can answer this salam and hallo to everyone.

I know I haven't really introduce myself properly so here I am, ready to ramble mumble with introductory post. Ahah.

My name is Mira... Or Mokomira is my online name. Also know as Mir Mira but the basis is, its Mira  πŸ˜‚ .... I have a real long name so let's just go for Mira as it was also part of my name as stated on my identity card.

Yepp... malaysian of course so once in a while you will see my broken english mix up with 'rojak' slang and add on word such as lah, kan etc etc. πŸ‘©

I was born many many years ago and no longer in teenage era ( oh sad... ) But inside my heart I'm still a teenager. Lols. Having a not so memorable teenager doesn't make me want to stay at that era for long but who doesn't like being young stay young , immortality.

Let's skip my childhood era so I am a lady with huge ambition. Since I was young I always wanted to become a pilot, working in the sky rather than stay on the ground. Yes when I was a little child its an astranout that will be my number one choice but ever since I have clear vision, I toned it down a bit from outer space to just the sky. Still not on the ground 😌

It has then... Never chance until now. I want to become a pilot.

Some people journey are meant to be easy...
Some might facing hurdles. But thats life. Every single human will have a different journey. It's all Allah's job.

I was once worked with airlines, entering the right path of becoming a pilot. Trying many times the exams, failed many times...sometimes even had to endure the pain of unfair event. But I trust Allah plan so its fine.

When I am now no longer become part of airlines staff, there has been several friends said to me, how about your pilot journey?
My answer is... My ambition is to become a pilot, not to join that particular airlines company. I can still become a pilot with other airlines. Who knows it might be better.

Currently, the road has been reshuffle. I was lost in an outer space again. Fear not, nevermind. I still keep holding on to my own inner strength.

Give up? Nope.
Not ever going to give up . Do not worry.

I'm a fighter.
A pilot fighter πŸ’ƒ

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Some korean word and slang pt.2

Hi everyone. Hello ;)

This is second part of my entry for basic korean word and slang. I just thought of sharing.

So let's continue.

Jeongmal ( 정말 )
= Is it true?
Usually it is use in a quite formal or semi formal sentences. Adding 'yo' making it sound even more polite. Jeongmalyo?

Jinjja ( μ§„μ§œ )
= Really? Seriously?
This one often be heard inside kdrama and among teenager. They will said this with exaggerrate expression and it looks xue. Jinjja? Jinjja.... ah jinjja.  I myself always said this.

Neomu ( λ„ˆλ¬΄ )
= Very ...
Sometimes people said this and sometimes using jinjja. Even Kpop group I.O.I sang a song called 'very very very' / neomu neomu neomu.  Basic word and often used in every sentence.

mianhae ( λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄ )
= Sorry.

Jigeum ( μ§€κΈˆ )
= Now.
Ahaaaaa....I remember myself munble this word over and over again everytime my friend ask me if we need to go anywhere, do anything at that time. Jigeum? Jigeumyo.

Naeil ( 내일 )
= Tomorrow.

Uri ( 우리 )
= We .

Dasi ( λ‹€μ‹œ )
= Again.
If you love to listen to Kpop song, you will be familiar with this. Dasi... Dasi hanbeon.

Ppalli ( 빨리 )
= Hurry up!
Ahaa... Ppalli ppalli...shout this while running when a dog chase you but make sure you are at the front.

Kajima ( κ°€μ§€λ§ˆ )
= Now scream this to the one who run faster leaving you behind when a dog chase you ( refer upper sentence )

Jangnan aniya ( μž₯λ‚œ μ•„λ‹ˆμ•Ό )
= Don't joke around! Now return the scream by saying this. Lol. Now I'm starting to make this turn out into sentence. Ahahaha.

Okay this will be second part and short one. Sorrryy....I try to do longer and more in third part later on.


Monday, 2 October 2017

Some 'korean' slang and word pt.1


I would like to create an entry about some words which often used and heard among Kpop fans or those who are into Korean entertainment. This won't be full list but at least all basic stuff I had in my head.

Common words which easy to pronounce and speak. I myself love to randomly blurt all those random korean word.

Oppa ( 였빠 )
= Brother for sibling but this word only applicable for female toward male / lover also use this often. Girlfriend would call their boyfriend oppa. Sounds loving.

Hyung ( ν˜• )
= This is the one use by male to call for an older male to show respect. Or little brother calling his older brother. Cute !

Noona ( λˆ„λ‚˜ )
= This is for younger male calling an older female. Or little brother calling his sister. Woman should never use this call their older sister okay.

Dongsaeng ( 동생 )
= Little brother or sister. Aha.... Unlike japanese word, Korean use this to imply both gender.

Eomma ( μ—„λ§ˆ )
= Mother ....

Appa ( μ•„λΉ  )
= Father ...

Chingu ( 친ꡬ ) 
= Friend . Or if you want to say my good friend you can just say joheun chingu or johchin ( slang ).

Eottokke ( μ–΄λ˜‘ν•΄ )
= What to do.
This one seriously often be heard if you love to watch K-drama.

Omona ( 였λͺ¨λ‚˜ ) 
= Oh my goodness , oh my god.
Ahaaa...when you pronounce this,put your palm to cover your mouth. Cute expression.

omona usual expression~

Jebal ( 제발 ) 
= Please.
Its a word to say please to someone. Such as help me do this and that, jebal... If you put juseyo behind the word, it will become even more like pleading nicely. Jebal juseyo.

Yeppo ( 예뻐 )
= Pretty. Its often use to describe people/human and sometime things.

Areumdaun ( μ•„λ¦„λ‹€μš΄ )
= Beautiful. Also indicates as beautiful but usually to describe scenery...but sometimes also on human. Such as areumdaun yeoja ( pretty woman )

Yeoja ( μ—¬μž )
= Lady , woman, female

Namja ( λ‚¨μž )
= Man, male , guy

Ahaa.....how was it. I may stop for now but will post more later on.

I am still very very lack in this language but I love learning korean hangeul. So, this entry is to share some random basic words. See ya.


Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bride To Be : Worrisome

Assalamualaikum and have a good Sunday people...

Yess time flies. All of suden its Sunday already. Tick tock tick tick now its getting nearer and nearer to my big day event
 pheww....can I step back ? *Worries*

I guess every bride worrisome is how if marriage that she chose to go for will be a good destination or bad one. Either you'll throw yourself in world-level hell or sweet heaven on earth. What do you think?

Its a super duper worrisome for me I don't know if its normal for others or its just me. You know me and my weird mental. And all of sudden I crave black pepper goat meat which I cook when I visited Doha bacl then. Lol, seeee how weird I am. My mind keep shifting here and there etc etc.

So guys and girls... If you can throw me some sort of advise regarding marriage and relationship, what would you say? I need an advise...and a comfort word too.

Deep in my heart I will put y faoth and trust to The Almighty Allah for bringing me closer to this fate. Be it good or bad, its a destiny.

Like most of islamic word I always read said.:

"Whatever happens to you life, it happens for good. Even if its not good to you now, your eyes just don't see it yet."

I walk my life on your plan.


Friday, 22 September 2017

Grammar prisoner to grammar police

Hallo everyone and assalamualaikum to muslim friend.

I am truly grateful to have my blog viewed and read by you. Although my readers are just tiny numbers of people but I am truly blessed and happy. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


To those who read my blog and a native english speaker, I would like to apologize for my awakward english. I know to some people, bad grammar can cause headache. Its understandable. I will definitely learn more and more and more. It's nothing to worry about. Plus, self improvement is a key to success. Hence, that's what I'm doing. To improve myself endlessly!

I remember back then when I'm still active doing some fanfiction writing to post at the forum, someone personal message me. That time, I was 23 years old and she was 13 years old. She told me her eyes sore due to my super bad grammar and weakness in sentence structure. However she said she loves my storyline and plot. I was like.... quite shock upon received her confession like that and it took me several days to finally accept that and replied back to her. She's a good girl and at least she doesn't fired me with harsh word although it still broke my heart but hey she was speaking the truth. Because of what she did, I did improve my writing afterward.

I forgot her name, plus her forum username was nothing close to her real name. And I even forgot her username. Sorry for my old people memory ability. lol. The girl, she offered to beta-ed my story before I published it online. She will marked my chapter by underline with red font and even repaired all the missing part or awkward sentence. She would emphasize my mistake and explained to me which part shouldn't be use or which sentence should be change. Wow, sounds like an english teacher right? Because of her, I improved. At least I started to be extra alert on certain things.

If she ever read this, I seriously want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It's been 6 years since the last time I actually wrote a stories/fanfiction hence my skills and idea are quite rotten to be honest. But since I am no longer working, I've decided to fully do writing stuff to survive and earn a living. Wish me luck. So much room for improvement, so many skills need to be sharpen.

Just a random kitty picture. LOL.... because I love to paste a picture to my writing entry. Ohh... my ambition still going strong. To become a pilot! Yes I'm a pilot to be hence its my first aim.
Writing is also my passion.... and there's no time to waste. Enjoy the journey and let's fasten the seatbelt.


The story of Che An and Prof Zila

Hello everyone

Friends are hard to find. I mean, friends as friend. You know how everyone can claim themselves as 'friend' but not everyone is actually deserved to be called that.

I just make this entry to shared and introduce some of my good friends. The one that I know from my previous working company.

Prof Zila and Che An

These two. Prof Zila and Che An.... I've known these two for quite long and being closed to them eversince. Prof Zila, the all-around mrs know everything (lol)  and I admit she's quite challenging to handle at first. You will easily get annoyed with her so-called wide knowledge etc etc... but once you actually be friend with her, you'll know how good friend she was.

She just know how to enjoy and appreciate

Always scold you on your mistakes, always back you up when everyone around smashed you with stupid rumors, always be the one who show up and a goos listener. I'm glad I succeed to put up with her antique.

Always have confident in herself

My amazing treadmill partner. hahah

Che an is the one that people often mistaken us as sisters. Not one not two but many of my workmate agreed that we're both have that sibling feels. lol... I guess because we sometimes glued to each other a bit too much hence we're seems like family.

But its true...even not by blood but she is like a sister to me. A family. Even my whole family known her and she suddenly become my parent quick daughter. Ahahah....

I love her because she is so much like a sister to me. Whenever I have some worrying issue, uncomfortable heart, uneasy feeling, she will be the first one to listen. Yes, I forced her to listen muahahhaa... And as a friend she also smack me with advise and words too. A friend doesn't mean you have to agree despite right or wrong. If I make mistake, she will directly say it to me.

Yessss.. my important people to my important event... Can't wait to have her wearing cure stuff as bridesmaid on my wedding ehehhe hehehehe.

Che an can adjust and just joining the fun with anyone. I called it a gift...to just mixed with anybody anytime easily. Apart from being so shy etc etc.

Che An antiques.... rofl

I treasure these two soooo much....much more than they ever imagine. That's for sure.

I pray to go that these two forever become part of me.... part of my life....part of my sharing joy and sadness.

Thank you Che An and Prof Zila. 🌷🌷🌷

Thursday, 21 September 2017

KPOP : Alphabat leader B:eta Ji Hayong


 This is a special entry from Mira☆ to Hayong. Well, I'm forever his Mira☆ right πŸ˜‚πŸ’

B:eta of Alphabat

His name is Ji Hayong or his stage name for kpop group Alphabat is 'B:eta'. Born in 1987. Yes he is a month younger than me but we're same age or korea said as 동갑(?).

Although he is quite old compared to current kpop idol age range, his ultimate babyface and act are soooooooooooooo unbeatable.


Such a cute man but a leader for his group. Oh, before joining Alphabat, he was a leader for another kpop group ( already disbanded way before ) called HITT. Still holding the role as short baby face cutey but sexy leader. Ahahaha me being biased. Sorry.


I can never get boring spazzing about Hayong. He's such a sweetheart. Thanl God I got a chamce to meet him eye to eye, face to face and even talked to him when Alphabat visited Malaysia. Although secretly I wished I meet him when he was in Hitt so that I can meet the ret Hitt members as well. I'm such a Hitters ( Hitt fanbase name ) but also an Alpha ( Alphabat fanbase name ).

Alphabat members

He just came back to industry after undergo mitary training in Korea and Alphabat are no longer the same. Only left with four member but still, as long as Hayong still in it, I care only about him. Sorrrryy...

That's normal in kpop industry. Not all group are able to stick together as one...not even the one from biggest company. So , as long as your favorite group is there, keep supporting them. We never know what will happen in future.

cute teeth...cute smiles

Yes its like 3 years ago when I met Alphabat, Hayong and gathered all those meaningful precious memory but I decided to keep it treasure within my heart. I will always support him. Yeah, we're same age anyway. Apart from treating like an idol, I looked at him as a friend too. A friend that watch from afar.

Goodluck cutey pie.
Stay cute!


Effort means a lot

Good evening guys...

The cake picture was the one made by sister for me on my birthday. A very simple homemade cake yet so amateur but to me this beyond priceless. Thank you Nina.

It was two years ago but whenever I see it, i feel so touched. He forehead drenched witg sweat struggling to do this, piping the butter cream, created a small plane using another thin layer of cake. Color it pink because its closer to red, the color of my company where I worked back them. The blue indicated the color of sky. Emphasized my desire to become a pilot.

It was a cake made for me. I still goes awww awww until today.

Thank you Nina., for being a good little sister and never stop believe in my dream, ambition and such.



Tuesday, 19 September 2017

THAI MOVIE : I fine thank you love you

"Good afternoon student, how are you?"

"... I fine thank you love"

Those haunting yet so funny tagline is quite famous two years ago I guess. Wait, was it three years ago? but it still so refreshing and I have lost count on how many times I rewatched the movie yet I still feel so entertained with the storyline and plot.

Pretty Ice Preechaya and handsome Sunny

Its a movie casted by Ice Preechaya, Sunny, Sora Aoi and many more. The handsome hero and super cute heroine is already bonus but the storyline itself indeed good. I always adore Thailand romantic comedy movie because they always not dissapointing. Thailand with their storyline is superb. Even simple TV commercial already touched heart, moreover a full lengthy film. Applaud for that.

oh...hi there

oh...hi again. 

This story is about a guy who is heartbroken after his girlfriend dump him and move to USA. He found her, the teacher who taught his gf an english and wanted her to teach him the same thing. Unfortunately he's too stupid and kept boiling her temper up. Those two gradually become closer and closer and develop feelings toward each other. ...they loved each other but no one utter a word. Ouch

Yessss its cliche right? But as cliche as it sound, the storyline goes to my heart right on the spot. Oh well, maybe I am sucker for rom-com types of movie. Ahaha...sorry

The OST for this movie is damn catchy you can find many viral dance video using this song. What a great combo. Good song, great storyline, gorgeous actor and actresss. All 3G combined perfectly.

How can I not watching it. It suits me the best. My taste bud over movie is so this one. πŸ’

Cliche romcom is so Mokomira.

What about you?

Bride To Be : Feelings

Oh my goodness...

Next month insyaAllah I will be getting marry to the one that will soon to be my knight armour. Alolo...

To him..
If only I can ensure and show how much nervous and scared I feel everytime my mind revert back to the fact that I will be getting marry.

He may see me as less worry because I tend to hide my feelings rather than shove my worrisome to other people...

Many things happen ever since we both tie into engagement. Argument is a must and werkly basis if not daily. Misunderstand is like an oxygen. Often lead to argument.
But apart on that, he must have notice my feelings for him. Its okay, it'll shown as soon as officially make our relationship halal.

lol...cheeeeesy mira..

Guys, Girls...
Did you have any tips and advise to say to me? Feel free to leave comment.

Monday, 18 September 2017

I lost my job but I gain life

One door is close... Plenty of doors are opening ~~

6 years ago, my young ambition side of me received an offer to work with that company. How does it felt? ...overwhelmed.
I seek for the job like maniac until I almost lost my hope. But I didnt....alhamdulillah.

Allah gave me the chances when I thought I didn't deserve any. Road chosen, life changing.

And I started working.

It was tough, it was hard. I cried everytime I feel like my body was unable to take more pressure. Its a tough job because it required me to carry, lift and handle huge and heavy luggage. Imagine the strength challenge. Being so weak ever since I was little, it was double hard for me.

But I stand still...because of my amnition, dream and I am not a quitter. Nope.

Fast forward....so many things happen and I am so blessed with all the chances given to me.Back then, I never thought I will be able to join them, as part of their team but I did.
See how unimaginable one life could be, when you believe in yourself.

It comes to the time when I had to leave them, the journey. Feels like one door is closing shut but fear not, that mean the other doors open widely.

My dream still goes on, still going strong. Will I ever stop? Nope.
Do I feel sad that these event happen? Yes.
Am I regret? .... Yes and no. No because that's how life is. Certain good things are meant to let go. Yes because I have put too much effort, life and time on the job that I actually losing my life. I failed to attend many wedding invitation of hangouts and such. I wrongly put work over life and family.

Wrong decision often lead to the right one. Don't worry.

Human and their judgement

People criticise

People .
They also human....human with feelings. Human with brain...human with heart and soul. Why do we judge?

I remember when I was a kid, I care a lot lesser to whatever people said and think of me. I didn't give muh thought nor even giving up upon words which belittle me.

So I have no idea what is happening to me when I grow up. I care so much of people opinion it sometimes lead me to do fulfilling people expectation instead of live my own life.

What has happening to me?

Since when people opinion define me?

No we should never let that happen to our life. Don't let other people control your life becayse for god sake its your own life so God has giving you a remote control for it. Why would you pass the controller toward someone else. 



Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bride To Be : Prior to wedding

Good morning.

Salam alayk to those who can answer me.
So its monday morning and monday always related to blues. Monday blues.

Since I will get marry soon enough I am in the midst of preparation from here and there.... Phewww.

So much to do.
So many things to say.
Lots of process.
Money..... πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

I keep on reading things related to marriage and most of it lead me to read a book called
'Man from Mars, Woman from Venus'.. ahahaha imagine me reading those book which I really care before.

Good knowledge. I'm still in the middle of reading it. Will definitely do some review and thought over the book.

I also want to buy a book called 'Why man marry bitches' lmao....
Donate me some money please πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...okay okay just wish me luck so I can earn money from here and there and able to buy those books.

Love ya.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Blogging and me


Sunday time. What did you guys do on Sunday?
Me? I was lazy-ing around and do nothing much part from reading some novels and magazines and of course watching TV shows.

DIVA channel on Astro provides so many great movies. An underrated normal telemovies but I just love the storyline. The one that I just watched now was a movie called "WRONG GIRL".
Its a bout a girl who lives normally with his daddy and mummy until one day come a newcomer girl and they being friends. Turns out that the girl is some sort of psycho and have mental issue. What a movie.

cute baby ~

By the way, although this blog seems new but blogging wasn't really a new thing for me. I have been doing this 10 years ago. I started with livejournal or people called it LJ. Mokomira's livejournal .
My english isn't that good but I know I improved slowly by blogging. I'm the type of person who love to write and not to give up. Eventhough there is a time I feel down if I ever get harsh comment about my poor english, I didn't stop. I may be weak but my own strength which I acknowledge myself was 'not quitting'. I don't give up, alhamdulillah. 
May Allah give me so much strength for the future as well. All the power within me comes from Him. 

~just a random photos~

By doing blog, I can share my thought, things that I love and info's that might be useful to anyone. It connects people and that's what keep me going. 

Plus, to restart again will not be as easy as it seems although the urge of writing buried down within me but it has been buried too long and take so much effort and time to dig it back. Wish me luck ^^


Malaysia Day 16th September

Today is my beautiful country day.


Every 16th September we will be spazzing about these day. Being a small country but have mixture of races and religions, Malaysia is very unique.

We have three main race which is Malay, Chinese and indian but we actually we have more than that. Not to forget iban, kadazan, kadayan and such.... we have 14 states and 14 different of accent. We have so much culture and each are different.

You can have Kelantese people from Kelantan region who speak cutely and their food are more to sweets and nasi berlauk ( rice with savoury ).

You can see Penang people who speak Utara style and have such a heaven food to try especially cendol, pasemboq and nasi kandar.

Or you can have Nogori people from Negeri Sembilan region who is soooooooo famous with their thick nogori accent and spicy food lile seriously make you tear up. Their next door neighbour also with spicy food which is Malacca.

Aaaahhh.... not to forge Sabahan and sarawakian across the sea.

That is Malaysia...

I love my my country and I can talk so much about it nonstop.

Friday, 15 September 2017



I always hear about this country. Peaceful and beautiful country am I right?

I have visited few countries and there is sti a lot countries I haven't visit yet. Canada is one of it. Thanks to Goblin k-drama I just found out that Quebec is part of Canada.

What a nice view omg...

Wish me luck so that someday I can fly to Canada and spazz blog about it as much as I did with Korea and Qatar.

Canadian people!! you guys are amazing.

Thanks for reading this.


Nursing job in middle east country?

Hey everyone.

Its Mokomira. I'm back...and I just want to babble some random topic about nursing job. Nursing profession. A nurse.

It may not sound as huge as doctor but hey I beg ypur pardon, nurse is as amazing as the doctors. Without them, how can you have smooth hospitalization process and treatments. Doctors need them as much as we need doctors and without nurse, I can't imagine.

Still... Often I heard some people belittle with this profession. How sad is that.

I have my little brother who is now taking a Nursing school at PPUM ( Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya ). He make us proud. I remember the day we sent him to the university. And now he's in the second year and soon to finish his study and start his nurse job.

Yep... Male nurse. I think we generally need more and more male nurses. Its a tough job and sometimes male strength are so important and overpower woman nature strength. To boys....don't be shy. This profession is noble.

I used to read an article about job opportunity for nursing in middle east country. Its a huge chances and most of the hospitals are open for foreigner nurses. It will be tough living in the country which is different from hometown but if you are up for challenge and sucker for experience, go for it.!!

The salary currently if I'm not mistaken are RM15000 basic but this is not confirm. I jist reshared from what I've read from an interview with ex Middle east nurse with local magazine.

Imagine... Basic are just basic. The other accomodation some more. Whewww..
So for those who are young wild and free (lol) go and give a try. I always think that living abroad is interesting. Wallahualam.

What do you think?


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Sydney cheap coffee

Hey everyone..

A year ago I visited Sydney and its all happened when my friend Gma wanted to visit Australia country so much. She influenced us and we agreed. So the group of trip consist four people. Me, Zila, Blur and Gma....

Sadly a week before we fly, Gma had to cancelled herself due to some family matter. So its just 3 of us. Pity Gma.. 😒

I never really have a goal on visiting Australia but I did have a dream since I love travelling. Alhamdulillah, Allah make it happen.

I will make an entry about Sydney trip but this post is only to express how grateful I am that Sydney 7eleven offers cheap coffee. For 1 dollar you get a latte. Yum. The taste is heaven.

Since Sydney is an expensive city and being a coffee lover like me, it gonna cost a bit. Until we randomly enter 7eleven and tadaaaahhhhh....cheap coffeeee in da house.

I fall in love.

coffee is ♥

3 days in Sydney...5th time buy a 7e coffee.

Sydney is a beautiful city...
Gorgeous and scenic.
I didn't regret to join this unplanned trip.




Good morning.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone...
How are you guys doing. For those who read this, thank you for visiting my blog and read. 

I love you...

I am now currently at my bestfriend house. She and I used to go to same school and became a classmate. We even had been sitting side by side and do so many naughty and troublesome stuff. lol

Jojoe... she is one amazing lady. Currently she was doing her business in henna doodle art. Its amazing I tell you. ..

Jojoe used to work as engineer, study until higher level but there was one time when she thought it wasn't what she loves to do particularly. 

Things happened and fast forward, she is now having her own small business, open a booth, have thounsands of followers through her facebook. 

Jojor and her baby Han...lol cranky act.

Jojoe is an example of walking past a heavy storm won't kill you. Her passion in art is wow..... she loves to draw and now she did what she loves. Even earn money from it. What an example. 

Good thing is ... Jojoe never stop learning. She grow and keep growing. 

All the best to you buddy. I will always support you just like how you support me. Don't worry I will ramble a lot about your product and service.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Sky is not always blue

Sky often looks so blue.
But it doesn't necessary always be blue.
Same goes to you
Feelings change
Surrounding change
Life change
Don't make small things defect your life.




Super excited because its the other part of Produce 101 boys that will be debuted... herghh herghh herghhh


Explosive stuff.
Okay I am super excited mostly because my favorite boy of Toppdogg 'Kim Sanggyun Atom' will be part of them.

See that pose!
See that charisma!

Atom being a maknae in Toppdogg always look like a baby to me but here ...wow.
I forever love Toppdogg but still this willbe great lesson and experience for Atom.

I wish the rest of Toppdogg will get the chances as well.Poor boys.

Goodluck JBJ


Monday, 11 September 2017

Morning coffee

How do you like your coffee to be serve?

I don't know about you guys but I love coffee...coffee is love.
Love is coffee.

Be it latte, cappucino, caramel macchiatto, flat white ...or whatever the name is. My ultimate fav will be LATTE....with all those foam art at the surface, yummylicious creamy coffee mixed up with milk.

Herghhhggg. Die in pleasure.

Ahaha okay I was a bit exaggerrating. I do love coffee and enjoy coffee. What makes me love Korea is they got plenty and tons of coffee house, coffee product.

I know europe and USA have more...but I never reach there yet except short visit to my friend house in Germany.  Somedat I wanted to fly to europe country and enjoy the freshness of the coffee....

What a nice combo.


KOREA TRIP #2 : Part two of excitement

Hey ya~~~~

Let's continue with another excitement. A sole continuation of excitement. It can never gets boring.
While I plan to write this, I spend many hours looking at the pictures folder and giggle still.
I am insane. LMAO

This sign will lead you to airport transit train toward the terminal. Just follow this...or 
follow other passenger. Don't worry much πŸ’ƒ

As soon as I step out from the aircraft, since I was all alone and very confused, I decided to follow the other passenger. Hence that's what I'm doing. Following them wherever they take me. lol... it led me to this signboard (?) and of course I took a snap of it. Don't worry Incheon Airport got so many sign so you won't be lost. Even if you do, just ask around. Don't be scared.

With my cheapskate camera and excitement... I took this photo while walking 
(so that I won't missed the other passenger I followed )πŸ’‹

Incheon International airport is huge. You might wander here and there but just enjoy. If you ever lost or confused, do enjoy. Hahaha... because you still at the airport so why panic? . I love the scenery offered by this airport. So high tech yet tons of flower and decoration.

seeeee!!! it's gorgeous.

I kept walking, took the train toward the terminal. Settle passport and bammmmm.... waiting for the luggage. Whilst I was there, my eyes kept lurking arouund. So many idol, celebrities poster promoting various product. They become ambassadors and such.

The first thing I did when I finish all those ( before I leave the airport ), I sat down and relax and regain my composure. Nervous? Yeppp...who says not. It was my first and I was all alone in a country far from my own hometown, away from family. I am scared and worry too and its normal. I tried to open the airport wifi .

If you refer below picture. Yep the first three item. Banana utu, vitamin c drinks and T-money.

Banana uyu - To surpress my hunger and as a light breakfast. ( Also because I am so excited to finally able to taste this. Lol )

Vitamin C drink - Because its cold and I kinda have a minor flu and to avoid myself from having fever which will definitely ruined me...I drink it. Yummy. Also, I often saw this kind of healthy drink in kdrama. Yeahh call that as influenced. )

T-money - The most important thing ever....apart from your credit card and cash and passport. Lol. This card is important if you are backpacker or traveller like me who planned to use their public transport. You can even pay foods and drinks at any 7eleven, Gs25 or any 24-hours convenient store. What a way to make super convenient card.

So.... Till we me meet again. I dont want to make this post become extraordinary longer. I rather cut it a bit abd post plenty. Guys, if you have any questions or curiosity, do not hesitate to ask. I can reply even if you speak in Indonesian language, malay language, english.

This is the first three things I bought.