Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Trolls the movies

Hey... happy thursday

How are you guys anyway?Feeling good?
The channel.on y TV now are showing famous animation called Trolls.

Such a cute movie.

Its a movie about Bergens clan who eat the trolls clan in order to be happy. Like come on, the evil bergens witch are hinting tp their people by eating trolls they wi be happy everlasting. Such an excuses.

That's why trolls are always in a great danger when it comes to Bergens. They will eaten so they need to run. Only one bergens is nice. Okay if you haven't watch it you can do so....its worth it. I promise.

I so love Bridget character she is soooooo adorable. She was that nice bergens. Bridget kinda shows that good looks doesn't always good thing. Even if you are ugly, with kind heart you will be prettier than those already pretty face girls out there. Yeah... I put the word funnily.

At first when this movie aired and premiered at Cinema, I was very skeptical. Even tough I know back then when I was still so young, this was one of the most famous cartoon..The influence are big in Malaysia. As big as The Simpson.

Okay back to the point.

I first  watching this when Kak Nisa open this for Nukman. I was blatantly ignored and slowly diverting my eyes onto the screen and bam.... the sound of Poppy singing captured my ears.

No wonder. It was Anna Kendrix everybody. Who doesn't love Anna voice. It was soothing, very calming to my ear and I am fan of her voice ever since I saw her in Pitch Perfect.

Oh talking about Pitch Perfect. The third movies will be airing next month I am super excited. How can I not excited when this is my cup of tea types of movie. My jammed.

Lol see how I divert from talking about animation movie to hick flick movie but all is about Anna Kendrix.

Poppy.....she does have that Anna vibes.

Anna Kendrick... I love her.

The ost for Trolls are so good I am going to look forward on it. I kinda jammed to Justin Timberlake song after watching the movies. lol

So guys... thanks for reading. See ya ♥