Sunday, 15 April 2018

Do you have to be rich to travel?

Do we really have to be so damn rich to actually go travel?

That's a question pouring my mind all over these week as I notice the trend of my malaysian fella go travel has increase.

Someone told me if we go to Melbourne, Australia it will make you feel very Malaysian-ish due to many malaysian visiting there for multiple reasons.

Same goes to Korea, Seoul.
I myself saw many travelers from Malaysia and Indonesia whenever I flew there. Especially when I visited Namdaemun Market. The numbers of Malaysian/Indonesian tourist is so high until you can close your eyes and listen to many speaking bahasa all around you. Some seller also know basic bahasa. Cute huh?

In my opinion... you don't have to be so damn rich or have tons of money in order to travel. Choose travel with less budget. Backpacking style is one of famous way. Its your trip so do plan and some research. Go study the place you want to visit.

Preparation can definitely save you cost.  Look at amount of money you have and decide. Its not that you MUST step your foot on Europe country in order to travel. You can start by visit near place. District next to you?

To Malaysian, you can explore many place in Malaysia. Make a main purpose to travel and go. Don't think too much.

What I mean by preparation is mentally amd physically but I myself just do some basic preparation while the rest are follow the flow. Its more fun!

Even Rasulullah told us Muslims to travel and learn. So go travel and learn something within the journey.

Open your eyes and see the beauty of Allah creation.



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