Saturday, 5 May 2018

Are we choosing the right one?

Sometimes we thought that marriage is a pathway and door to happiness. We ought to seek happiness within marriage however the bell doesn't ring the same way and same sound to everybody.

We never know.
We will never found out if the person infront of our eyes is the best one.

Some people are destined to have a suffer marriage and bad husband whilst some are lucky enough to have a good husband and wonderful marrital life.

Who on earth want to have a bad husband? Horrible life? Awful marriage?

Every woman desires is to have a fairytale-ish happiness life in marriage with good husband, sweet loving and caring.

Sad reality.

I don't know the statistic but I do know that there is quite number of marriage life encounter a suffers life. If you are Malaysian, you can seek a facebook group called KRT and read tons of published stories shared by sad wife/husband ( mostly wife ). And I believe there is so much more stories which are mot published by admins due to several reasons.

The question is...

How would you know if the husband/wife you choose is a good one?

If you are muslims then all you can do is istikharah and ask for Allah wisdom and opinion as He is the onethat hold the key to our destiny. We are human so we should rely on Him.

After that, make sure you alert with your spouse behavior. It is okay to do some investigation over his life through his friend and such as you willgive your life to him/her after this. Make that effort but don't go overboard.

If it happens that you found some damage point. Ask yourself! Do you think you can cope with that?

I give an example. Pornography.

Let me share you a story of a woman who met her fiance and found out he was addicted to pornography and sexy woman pictures. She had a word with him and he said it was his past and unfollow all stuff.

Until oneday, after many month since they got married, she found out that her husband is still doing that. He created different account to deceived her and little that he knows, Allah never hide the truth.Its just a matter of time. She also found out many other related to his fetish and addiction and yes, she did felt super disappointed and remorsed.

This is a good example how and why you should really do some background check on your future spouse. Its scary when its too late.

BUT !!!!

Don't blame the destiny,never blame yourself. Sometimes, no matter how you check you still found zero. There must be a serious reason why Allah hides the flaw and weakness as well as shitty attitude of that person.

Its a test! Its merely a test for you in dunya.

Embrace it. Whatever sadness filled your heart,talk to Almighty. Ask for his forgiveneas, ask for Him a strength, ask a pathway and road.

Talk to Allah and He never stop listen.

Marriage, bad or good, its written already. Its how you cope with that. If its better yo stay, then stay.If not, you know what to do. If you found his stupid action and fetish and felt that it was unbearable to handle, you need to ask yourself multiple times. Don't put love over life. For all that matter, Allah shall be priority. It must be that way.

Ask Allah, is it good to marry this person!?

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