Saturday, 5 May 2018

Mcdonald Nasi Lemak Burger

Recently I have been seeing so many ads and commercial about this newly famous Mcdonald burger. It's a hype since Malaysian number one food ( I strongly believe this ) is nasi lemak indeed.

To readers who are not Malaysian and wonder what is that thing...tadaaa !!


A rice cooked with coconut milk and eat with spicy sambal anchovy and mixed with some side dish such as boiled eggs, cucumber, cripsy fried anchovies and fried ground nuts. Its the basic touch but I love to have another side diah which is fried chicken or rendang ( not ).

And due to commercial ads, I am so thankful to Allah to His rezq as I finally manage to munch the newly craze burger yesterday. Thank you Kak for the treat. A rezq to me through you. Alhamdulillah again. 

I can say that I won't be repeating tha again and double cheese burger still my ultimate and unbeatable favorite from Mcd. 

The crispy chicken fillet, I never thought it will taste like ayam rempah. I thought it will have that similar fillet as spicy chicken mcdeluxe kinda burger. However the sambal is nice and delicious. Not spicy at all and it remind me a hostel food type of sambal. Layered with fried eggs and cucumber as well, once you munch it, it does seriously taste like nasi lemak even without that rice. 


Well done RnD team because you guys succeed. Its just that the taste doesn't suit my liking.

But.... if I got the offer to eat this again for free, why not ;)