Monday, 7 May 2018

General Election 14

Twinkle twinkle little tuesday ...

Oh allah, please make Malaysia a better place ♥

How are you doing peeps??
It was a day before Malaysian important general election tomorrow.

I can tell that flag war, poster war are everywhere.It has began. In every social media, most people talk about it. Some put their word nicely whilst other did curse and play bad word. Hmm...freedom of speech?

The election was held every 5 years to change leaders of Malaysia and government line. I am so interested to know other country election process and progress as well as the internal chaos ( in a good way ) but I seldom get the picture of it. Hnm...anyone care to share?

I won't be speaking much regarding leaders etc but I just pray and hope that unity of Malaysian will restored regardlessrace and religion. Malay Chinese Indian peribumi everyone lah, stay as one!

How to be a good leader?
Most of the time we saw leader as superior as they portray themselves that way. They are many types of leader in this world but the best role example of leader is our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Be a good leader towards people. Put their charity, needs and priority on them. Take a note of everyone problem and issue and help to solve it. I mean, if there is a poor people issue, do take some action. If there is injustice act,do correct it. A good leader is the one that his mind are thinking of his people more than himself. After all, not everyone can serve people right.

Read more on how Prophet Muhammad S.A.W did as a leaders of muslim peoplein Madinah back then.

I know its not easy nor closer to perfection but at least,be fair. Its an amanah so protect it.

Happy voting to all voters ♥


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