Monday, 6 August 2018

My 'everything' first time to Korea

Hello ladies and gentleman..

A very very good evening to all of you and assalamualaikum to those who are muslims.
How was your day today anyway?

While waiting for isya pray time, I lay down lazily like a polar bear on my bed and my mind reminisce Korea moment.

So much of my memory preoccupied on memory from my multiple Korea trip experience.

How i really missed korea.... Huuu

Husband pose so handsomely beneath windy chill sun

My latest trip is my honeymoon trip. It was quite different from other trip because going to a places with husband is not as havoc as the one with crazy headed bunch of friends.

Simply because honeymoon itself plays a different role in portraying vibe of the trip but for all that matter, both of us love the food so much and the scenic environment too.

Gazing toward the sky~ 

It was my husband first ever long haul trip and his first time also stepping his foot onto Kimchi land. How sweet.

There is a few hassle moment when his shoes protest ( lol ) so we had no choice but to go to Dongdaemun shoes area to buy him a pair of new shoes. Comfy yet affordable and he loves it.

Can he really contain his excitement 😂

The shoes are undeniably comfortable yet so stylish. He loves it so much....really loves it I guess. 

Perhaps whats make it more fun is he enjoyed the food as much as I did. Since we visited Seoul around March so its still end of winter. Hence, winter fruits are everywhere. 

One of my ultimate is of course Korea strawberry....heyyyy it was fantastically sweet and delicious. Unlike the one I taste in my country. Perhaps the weather and soil is good for sweet strawberry growth.

And  there is also one newly food I tried which I never tried during my previous trips. Its none other than fried tteok... I got to taste it at Tongin Market. And it was hella delicious even my husband loves it ( he did not like the taste of normal tteokbukki tho )

If I ever going back to Korea next time, we will definitely munch this food again whiwe joining dosirak cafe activities ( old coin exchange food activity ). Period! 

Yums...we took spicy and soy sauce coated.
Both super yums.

Look at that....!!!!!

Although we our trip was for seven days but we only felt super cold weather on the first three days and mostly because of chilly wind. The rest of the trip still cold but with sun so its just so-so.

How we wish the snow still falling. Heheh

So this is all for now.
Going to write more later.
Seee ya!


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