Wednesday, 11 July 2018

First trimester

Hello everyone

Assalamualaikum to muslim reader and hello to all of you.
I've been meaning to write an entry about first trimester journey.  I'm still in the middle of it so naaahhh just let me spazz randomly.

Eversince I've detected myself pregnant and came to know that I was having a twin ( InsyaAllah ), I am so grateful and thankful. The journey nevertheless was tough and challenging.

I started having minor sickness ( vomit a lot on certai times ) but thankfully it was just super minor. But the painful experience that I face was my wholebody aching especially at pelvic area, miss v, backbone and uncomfortable on tummy part. Plus I frequently visit toilet to pee.

huh. tiring~

But still I can never stop feeling blessed and thankful. Its an experience and journey which will go away once I give birth. I've stories from my friends and their sickness are whole lot troublesome eventjough they have singleton pregnancy.

Seee....which favor from Allah which you deny?

Since I'm still stuck at first phase of trimester so it still to early to predict what happen next but one month I've been going back and forth to hospital and clinic due to high risk pregnancy ( twins always out in high risk ).

I adore these cutey Amira and Amina ♥

Guys... wish me luck and pray for me.
I need all the support as truthfully I'm nervous.

Hopefully I can find a job or do something to earn money for saving as I have none right now. 😇

Alhamdulillah ♥

See ya~

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