Thursday, 5 July 2018

Good news

Hi everyone...

Salam alayk to all muslims and hello to everyone ♥ 

Last month, I had received a good news. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah thank you to Allah the Almighty God. 

I was in the verge of breakdown era when so many things happen in my life plus roller coaster of emotion regardless everything. I applied so many job but none of it come back to me with response. Not accepting neither rejecting so it was saddening.

There is a point where I felt like I am such a loser born as a loser and live my life as a loser. What a hideous way to interpret our gracious life given by God. I forgot to be thankful. 

Instead of thinking on what i dont have, I should focus on what I already have. We're all human and every human have that time when they felt useless... All that matter is get back up! I repeat , get back up !!! 

And... When I was all in saddness period, Allah sent me good news. Not in form of job and money but two little angel in my womb. 

I am pregnant.
I am pregnant with twins.
Twins pregnancy.
Oh my god. 
Allah !!! 

I always want and love and admire twins since I was very young. Twin is special. 

I know I was late in menstrual but knowing myself its not shockinh but since its Ramadhan and fasting month I'm quite curious on counting my cycle as its a sign of no fasting ( lady specialty in islam woohoo ).... But then I realized the cycle didnt come at all. I checked my menstrual apps and noticed I was 13 days late. Still not suspicious but something inside me wanted to buy UPT so much so I asked my husband to follow me and buy it. We didn't really expect anything at all since there's already few times we thought baby is coming and suddenly menstrual happen so no more expectation ok. 

So after bought the UPT we went back home and sleep. I dont't know why I woke ip so early at 3am to test it. Usually for sahur time I woke up 4am above to prepare food. With a sleepy step I entered bathroom and check.

Not long after that I saw two lines. Two freaking line I rubbed my eyes continuously and shook my husband to wake him up. Haha...sorry. 

He with super sleepy face and voice was so dumbfounded and confuse but when he got it, he hugged me and went back to sleep. 

I am sooo surprised I don't feel like sleeping and prepare my husband sahur food...and wake him up again. 

We decided to go to clinik for confirmation checkup. I received a positive remark from nurses and need to come to clinic again to open pink book.

Fast forward after open my pink book, I wemt again to clinic for blood test and doctor scanning session. It was my third visit since the first one. 

When I entered the doctor room,I Noticed there was two female doctor. Mine was at the back seat so I sat down in front of her. Husband waited outside. After finished Jotted down some stuff, she asked me to call for husband so he can witness the scanning session. 

I called up for my husband and lay down on the bench, ready to scan. She applied that cold gel I  don't know the name and start putting the machine on me ( sorry, also don't know the name. She raised her eyebrows all of sudden.

"Eh....its a twin"

I am so speechless but refuse to believe it eventhough she kept moving those thing on my tummy. She showed the two different sac to my husband as well...

When she saw me still not accepting the fact, she called for other doctor to confirm and the other doctor also said the same thing.

"Its a"

And tadaaaaaaa....I saw one of my twin moving so cutely. Awwwww. 

Of course still shocked but slowly accepting the news...and today I am waiting for my fourth checkup with specialist. 

Since I carried twins so extra appointment are inevitable. 

Please pray for me my friends...
Kind of worried... 
Nevertheless, its a rezq from Allah. 
May Allah gave me strength to face upcoming days. 

Its a sudden change to my body...continuously aching and once in a while vomitting and don't have appetite to eat... Whewwww what a start. 

Again... Wish me luck and I hope your day is great ♥

Some says pregnant woman should look for cute babies picyure over and over again so here I am... Awwwww those cheeky smile. 

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