Thursday, 12 July 2018

[ MOVIE ] Adiwiraku

Hi everyone ♥

Often in Malaysia, the types of movie which will break the box office chart and become very popular is the one that came from famous production / super big name actor and actress / gangster plot etc .

Its not easy to break the tempo with 'based on true' story movie or the one that came from small company with less sponsor for advertisement.

One of movie which I believe to be one of themost heartwarming and touching is 'Adiwiraku'.

Its a true story of one choral speaking team from small area in Kedah ( SMK Pinang Tunggal ). Teacher Cheryl who transfer to the school and face so much challenge to adapt with students behavior and of all sudden had to develop and trained a choral speaking team.

It was not easy!

I remembered watching this at cinema and cried in certain part. Even my husband that time had teary eyes. It was very sad and eye opener.

Although the movie had no much promotion, I am very glad that I choose to watch it. Its worth money and time.

It does reminisced myself to my highschool memories on joining choral speaking team. Ahaha.

I hope in the future,this kind of movie will rise again. Support local film ♥

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