Saturday, 16 September 2017

Blogging and me


Sunday time. What did you guys do on Sunday?
Me? I was lazy-ing around and do nothing much part from reading some novels and magazines and of course watching TV shows.

DIVA channel on Astro provides so many great movies. An underrated normal telemovies but I just love the storyline. The one that I just watched now was a movie called "WRONG GIRL".
Its a bout a girl who lives normally with his daddy and mummy until one day come a newcomer girl and they being friends. Turns out that the girl is some sort of psycho and have mental issue. What a movie.

cute baby ~

By the way, although this blog seems new but blogging wasn't really a new thing for me. I have been doing this 10 years ago. I started with livejournal or people called it LJ. Mokomira's livejournal .
My english isn't that good but I know I improved slowly by blogging. I'm the type of person who love to write and not to give up. Eventhough there is a time I feel down if I ever get harsh comment about my poor english, I didn't stop. I may be weak but my own strength which I acknowledge myself was 'not quitting'. I don't give up, alhamdulillah. 
May Allah give me so much strength for the future as well. All the power within me comes from Him. 

~just a random photos~

By doing blog, I can share my thought, things that I love and info's that might be useful to anyone. It connects people and that's what keep me going. 

Plus, to restart again will not be as easy as it seems although the urge of writing buried down within me but it has been buried too long and take so much effort and time to dig it back. Wish me luck ^^


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