Saturday, 16 September 2017

Malaysia Day 16th September

Today is my beautiful country day.


Every 16th September we will be spazzing about these day. Being a small country but have mixture of races and religions, Malaysia is very unique.

We have three main race which is Malay, Chinese and indian but we actually we have more than that. Not to forget iban, kadazan, kadayan and such.... we have 14 states and 14 different of accent. We have so much culture and each are different.

You can have Kelantese people from Kelantan region who speak cutely and their food are more to sweets and nasi berlauk ( rice with savoury ).

You can see Penang people who speak Utara style and have such a heaven food to try especially cendol, pasemboq and nasi kandar.

Or you can have Nogori people from Negeri Sembilan region who is soooooooo famous with their thick nogori accent and spicy food lile seriously make you tear up. Their next door neighbour also with spicy food which is Malacca.

Aaaahhh.... not to forge Sabahan and sarawakian across the sea.

That is Malaysia...

I love my my country and I can talk so much about it nonstop.

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