Thursday, 7 September 2017

Korean tv show 'SING MY SONG'


There is so many TV shows airing in various channel provided by Korean broadcast company.

Name it. You have SBS, KBS, MBC, TVN, Arirang etc etc much more. Back then, we have a little less option but now you can have tons. Thanks to the rapid growth of Kpop and Kdrama industry as well as internet benefits.

I remember back then it wasn't easy to go online and watch korean drama morever korean tv show , reality show. Plus in Malaysia that time, internet isn't as great as now because I'm a student with lack of money. Haha *shed tears*

Now you have plenty of website to watch online or maybe even download it. Just recently I watched KBS tv shows called 'Sing my song' and man it was so funny. Its a show where the Mc Yoo Jaesuk called for a few guest and have them sitting in one karaoke center. Tbh I just watch the first part so its still a bit confusing to me and the second part still not airing. Perhaps I can just visit KBS channel at youtube and re-watch.

Sounds nice right. The guest list was Sistar Soyou, So chanhwe, Rocker Kyungho and Weki Meki Yoojung and Doyeon.  I missed the first ever episode where they invited Kim Taewoo and more.

Good things about their tv show is although the mc for all are almost the same but its so refreshing to watch. The laugh the gag. It's totally mind relaxing at least for me.

Have you watch that Sing My Song show?


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