Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Sydney cheap coffee

Hey everyone..

A year ago I visited Sydney and its all happened when my friend Gma wanted to visit Australia country so much. She influenced us and we agreed. So the group of trip consist four people. Me, Zila, Blur and Gma....

Sadly a week before we fly, Gma had to cancelled herself due to some family matter. So its just 3 of us. Pity Gma.. 😢

I never really have a goal on visiting Australia but I did have a dream since I love travelling. Alhamdulillah, Allah make it happen.

I will make an entry about Sydney trip but this post is only to express how grateful I am that Sydney 7eleven offers cheap coffee. For 1 dollar you get a latte. Yum. The taste is heaven.

Since Sydney is an expensive city and being a coffee lover like me, it gonna cost a bit. Until we randomly enter 7eleven and coffeeee in da house.

I fall in love.

coffee is ♥

3 days in Sydney...5th time buy a 7e coffee.

Sydney is a beautiful city...
Gorgeous and scenic.
I didn't regret to join this unplanned trip.



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