Monday, 18 September 2017

I lost my job but I gain life

One door is close... Plenty of doors are opening ~~

6 years ago, my young ambition side of me received an offer to work with that company. How does it felt? ...overwhelmed.
I seek for the job like maniac until I almost lost my hope. But I didnt....alhamdulillah.

Allah gave me the chances when I thought I didn't deserve any. Road chosen, life changing.

And I started working.

It was tough, it was hard. I cried everytime I feel like my body was unable to take more pressure. Its a tough job because it required me to carry, lift and handle huge and heavy luggage. Imagine the strength challenge. Being so weak ever since I was little, it was double hard for me.

But I stand still...because of my amnition, dream and I am not a quitter. Nope.

Fast many things happen and I am so blessed with all the chances given to me.Back then, I never thought I will be able to join them, as part of their team but I did.
See how unimaginable one life could be, when you believe in yourself.

It comes to the time when I had to leave them, the journey. Feels like one door is closing shut but fear not, that mean the other doors open widely.

My dream still goes on, still going strong. Will I ever stop? Nope.
Do I feel sad that these event happen? Yes.
Am I regret? .... Yes and no. No because that's how life is. Certain good things are meant to let go. Yes because I have put too much effort, life and time on the job that I actually losing my life. I failed to attend many wedding invitation of hangouts and such. I wrongly put work over life and family.

Wrong decision often lead to the right one. Don't worry.