Friday, 15 September 2017

Nursing job in middle east country?

Hey everyone.

Its Mokomira. I'm back...and I just want to babble some random topic about nursing job. Nursing profession. A nurse.

It may not sound as huge as doctor but hey I beg ypur pardon, nurse is as amazing as the doctors. Without them, how can you have smooth hospitalization process and treatments. Doctors need them as much as we need doctors and without nurse, I can't imagine.

Still... Often I heard some people belittle with this profession. How sad is that.

I have my little brother who is now taking a Nursing school at PPUM ( Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya ). He make us proud. I remember the day we sent him to the university. And now he's in the second year and soon to finish his study and start his nurse job.

Yep... Male nurse. I think we generally need more and more male nurses. Its a tough job and sometimes male strength are so important and overpower woman nature strength. To boys....don't be shy. This profession is noble.

I used to read an article about job opportunity for nursing in middle east country. Its a huge chances and most of the hospitals are open for foreigner nurses. It will be tough living in the country which is different from hometown but if you are up for challenge and sucker for experience, go for it.!!

The salary currently if I'm not mistaken are RM15000 basic but this is not confirm. I jist reshared from what I've read from an interview with ex Middle east nurse with local magazine.

Imagine... Basic are just basic. The other accomodation some more. Whewww..
So for those who are young wild and free (lol) go and give a try. I always think that living abroad is interesting. Wallahualam.

What do you think?


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