Sunday, 10 September 2017

Hungry post

Say yes to soggy instant noodle

Lookin good right. I remember eating this soggy instant noodle while travelling to Seoul. This is when me and my friend visiting our friend who stayed at Myeondong 24 guesthouse. We were resting, chit chatting and hangout together for a few hours when our stomach suddenly growl.

Brrr brrr brrr..

See how ugly its sounds like. Ahahaha

My friend who stayed there decided to cook us some instant noodle / ramen / ramyun / maggi or whatever you call it. Yeah she cooked the one with Malaysian brand. i forgot but if I'm not mistaken its Ruski Tomyam noodles.

Back then when I was in school, this brand was the expensive one bit yummylicious. Now that we grown up, it taste normal. Ahaha usually it doesn't spark my interest anymore like how it used to but somehow that day because we were starving, even the noodles suddenly becomes soggy, it taste heaven.


We ate sharing in one bowl. How cute. Ahaha... An oldfolks say if you share eating in one plate or bowl, the unseen bonding between each of you will develop. Your love toward each other will grow. Yeahhh.. I love my two friends. Shima and Micky.

We ate til the last drop of drained soup...yummy still.

Thank you Shima for the hospitality. It was indeed such a great memories.

Travelling creates memory. That what matters most.

Do you agree?


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