Friday, 22 September 2017

The story of Che An and Prof Zila

Hello everyone

Friends are hard to find. I mean, friends as friend. You know how everyone can claim themselves as 'friend' but not everyone is actually deserved to be called that.

I just make this entry to shared and introduce some of my good friends. The one that I know from my previous working company.

Prof Zila and Che An

These two. Prof Zila and Che An.... I've known these two for quite long and being closed to them eversince. Prof Zila, the all-around mrs know everything (lol)  and I admit she's quite challenging to handle at first. You will easily get annoyed with her so-called wide knowledge etc etc... but once you actually be friend with her, you'll know how good friend she was.

She just know how to enjoy and appreciate

Always scold you on your mistakes, always back you up when everyone around smashed you with stupid rumors, always be the one who show up and a goos listener. I'm glad I succeed to put up with her antique.

Always have confident in herself

My amazing treadmill partner. hahah

Che an is the one that people often mistaken us as sisters. Not one not two but many of my workmate agreed that we're both have that sibling feels. lol... I guess because we sometimes glued to each other a bit too much hence we're seems like family.

But its true...even not by blood but she is like a sister to me. A family. Even my whole family known her and she suddenly become my parent quick daughter. Ahahah....

I love her because she is so much like a sister to me. Whenever I have some worrying issue, uncomfortable heart, uneasy feeling, she will be the first one to listen. Yes, I forced her to listen muahahhaa... And as a friend she also smack me with advise and words too. A friend doesn't mean you have to agree despite right or wrong. If I make mistake, she will directly say it to me.

Yessss.. my important people to my important event... Can't wait to have her wearing cure stuff as bridesmaid on my wedding ehehhe hehehehe.

Che an can adjust and just joining the fun with anyone. I called it a just mixed with anybody anytime easily. Apart from being so shy etc etc.

Che An antiques.... rofl

I treasure these two soooo much....much more than they ever imagine. That's for sure.

I pray to go that these two forever become part of me.... part of my life....part of my sharing joy and sadness.

Thank you Che An and Prof Zila. 🌷🌷🌷

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