Monday, 11 September 2017

What makes people want to visit Korea

Hey peepssss...

How are you guys?
I have notice a bit increase in blogpost of my beginning entry post of my solo trip to Korea. It hit me that people love Korea.

First of all thank you so so so much for spend your precious time reading. I promise I will comeback with next entry of part two. Be sure to wait. You can subscribe or follow this blog as well. Trust me I can never stop babling about Korea and willing to share as much experience and knowledge as I can.

If you are into Korea...
Or always want to visit Korea..
Still confuse about Korea...
Want to gather more information before travelling ( this one, I did a lot before my fort trip ).
Whatever your reason is, I hope I can share
my enthusiasm and information which might be useful for you. I know that's what I love to do.
If you ever want to ask me question too, feel free to leave a comment or just drop me an email okay?

People might have plenty of reason that sparks interest toward Korea. Be it Kpop, Kdrama, Kshow, culture, food or whatever reason is. People always have one point to ensure them to fall in love.

Like me...
At first I always love travelling.
Then , I am into Kpop music.
Next, I love watching their drama and enjoy the scenic and scenery view. Yepp those who know me will agree on how much I love building. lol

I think Korea entertainment has contribute so much and a lot toward growth population of tourist and popularity of their country.

Hopefully Malaysia will sparks the same way too.
What about you?


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