Thursday, 21 September 2017

KPOP : Alphabat leader B:eta Ji Hayong


 This is a special entry from Mira☆ to Hayong. Well, I'm forever his Mira☆ right ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’

B:eta of Alphabat

His name is Ji Hayong or his stage name for kpop group Alphabat is 'B:eta'. Born in 1987. Yes he is a month younger than me but we're same age or korea said as ๋™๊ฐ‘(?).

Although he is quite old compared to current kpop idol age range, his ultimate babyface and act are soooooooooooooo unbeatable.


Such a cute man but a leader for his group. Oh, before joining Alphabat, he was a leader for another kpop group ( already disbanded way before ) called HITT. Still holding the role as short baby face cutey but sexy leader. Ahahaha me being biased. Sorry.


I can never get boring spazzing about Hayong. He's such a sweetheart. Thanl God I got a chamce to meet him eye to eye, face to face and even talked to him when Alphabat visited Malaysia. Although secretly I wished I meet him when he was in Hitt so that I can meet the ret Hitt members as well. I'm such a Hitters ( Hitt fanbase name ) but also an Alpha ( Alphabat fanbase name ).

Alphabat members

He just came back to industry after undergo mitary training in Korea and Alphabat are no longer the same. Only left with four member but still, as long as Hayong still in it, I care only about him. Sorrrryy...

That's normal in kpop industry. Not all group are able to stick together as one...not even the one from biggest company. So , as long as your favorite group is there, keep supporting them. We never know what will happen in future.

cute teeth...cute smiles

Yes its like 3 years ago when I met Alphabat, Hayong and gathered all those meaningful precious memory but I decided to keep it treasure within my heart. I will always support him. Yeah, we're same age anyway. Apart from treating like an idol, I looked at him as a friend too. A friend that watch from afar.

Goodluck cutey pie.
Stay cute!


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