Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Bride To Be : Feelings

Oh my goodness...

Next month insyaAllah I will be getting marry to the one that will soon to be my knight armour. Alolo...

To him..
If only I can ensure and show how much nervous and scared I feel everytime my mind revert back to the fact that I will be getting marry.

He may see me as less worry because I tend to hide my feelings rather than shove my worrisome to other people...

Many things happen ever since we both tie into engagement. Argument is a must and werkly basis if not daily. Misunderstand is like an oxygen. Often lead to argument.
But apart on that, he must have notice my feelings for him. Its okay, it'll shown as soon as officially make our relationship halal.

lol...cheeeeesy mira..

Guys, Girls...
Did you have any tips and advise to say to me? Feel free to leave comment.


  1. Tahniah ya.. mudah-mudahan semuanya berjalan lancar..

    1. Thank you noor azlan... Semoga Allah Mudahkan urusan awak jugak