Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bride To Be : Worrisome

Assalamualaikum and have a good Sunday people...

Yess time flies. All of suden its Sunday already. Tick tock tick tick now its getting nearer and nearer to my big day event
 pheww....can I step back ? *Worries*

I guess every bride worrisome is how if marriage that she chose to go for will be a good destination or bad one. Either you'll throw yourself in world-level hell or sweet heaven on earth. What do you think?

Its a super duper worrisome for me I don't know if its normal for others or its just me. You know me and my weird mental. And all of sudden I crave black pepper goat meat which I cook when I visited Doha bacl then. Lol, seeee how weird I am. My mind keep shifting here and there etc etc.

So guys and girls... If you can throw me some sort of advise regarding marriage and relationship, what would you say? I need an advise...and a comfort word too.

Deep in my heart I will put y faoth and trust to The Almighty Allah for bringing me closer to this fate. Be it good or bad, its a destiny.

Like most of islamic word I always read said.:

"Whatever happens to you life, it happens for good. Even if its not good to you now, your eyes just don't see it yet."

I walk my life on your plan.


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